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Hello Dear Reader,

This lovely idea comes from Sarah at Say Little Hen. I believe it's a form of mindfullness and being aware of what is going on in your world at the present time. We don't always take the time to really think about how we are feeling, do we? I know the feeling of being thankful, just to get through the day, have dinner and fall into bed, that's easy, I do that everyday. But this "Here and Now" makes you stop and really centralise those thoughts that buzz in and out of your brain everyday, while you are busy with your real life.

Loving-The cooler weather, it is an absolute delight to ride my bike, in the cooler air of the morning and afternoon

Eating-Chorizo and Chickpea Pot Pies. They have been our favourite dinner so far this week. They are easy to make and totally delicious, perfect for the cooler weather.

Drinking-My different teas-Green tea and Paw Paw leaf for breakfast, Peppermint tea made in a plunger at work and my glorious Liquorice tea made with loose liquorice bark and infused with the cutest little infuser, at night.  I have also just discovered Rosella Tea, just delicious.

Feeling-Emotionally tired and a little disconnected as we go through the Easter break. To me, Easter has always been about family. This is the first Easter where our adult children haven't been here. It was a bit odd and the house too quiet. Today. though, my sister and my Niece and her family are coming over for lunch, I love having my home full of people I love.

Making-Water kefir for the first time. I have already made one batch and it is on it's second ferment, I have flavoured it with mint and ginger.

Thinking-That I would love to retire early, just a thought.

Dreaming-Of our future and hoping to realise our dream of owning a small home with a big productive garden, living off grid while practicing permaculture principles. That is my dream.

Have a wonderful Easter Monday everyone and I hope you have had a good break and was able to spend it with people you love.


  1. Fiona, write that dream down on paper...write down the steps to make it happen...then start working your way through them, it IS a totally achievable goal, if you want it bad make it happen! (and then be sure to blog about your journey so we all can live vicariously through you) ;)

  2. The tiny home you've featured in the photos is amazing, isn't it. Such a small but beautiful space. I think that your dream is an achievable one if you go through the steps you need to get there (as Cheryl says). Keep us posted! Meg:)


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