Homemade, Shea Butter, Lotion Bars

Hello Dear Reader,

I have been using and loving a lotion bar from Ethique for quite a while now but I wanted to see if I could make one myself. I have quite dry skin, it's not sensitive and I can usually use most skincare products on my skin with no issues. I already had the beeswax from when we went to Kuranda Honey House up in Kuranda, I had bought it to have a go at making beeswax wraps (I did have a go but I didn't use quite enough beeswax, that's another job for later ) anyway, all I had to do was order some Shea Butter, which I got from here, melt it down with some olive oil and coconut oil, add some lavender oil, pour this combined melted oils, wax and butter into silicon moulds, let them cool and voila, moisturising lotion bars made in no time for very little outlay.

I made a very small quantity for my first go, it still made 8 little, cupcake shape, portions and I think it will keep me going for quite some time. The ratio I used was 33 grams each of Shea butter, Bees Wax and Olive oil, 50 gram of coconut oil and 1 gram of doTERRA Lavender oil or other good quality essential oil, suitable for application to the skin. I added the first four ingredients to a high sided, wide mouthed glass jar, popped it into a small saucepan of water and bought the water to a very gentle simmer, turned it down and stirred the oils, wax and butter occasionally until they were all melted together. Off the heat I added the lavender oil and stirred it through and then poured the still hot mixture into waiting silicon moulds. Easy and a success on the first go, don't you love it when things just work out?

Ingredients for Homemade Shea Butter Lotion Bars, clockwise from upper right
50 grams of coconut oil, 1 gram of good quality lavender essential oil, 33 grams of beeswax, 33 grams of olive oil and 33 grams of Shea Butter plus silicon moulds to set lotion bars in

In a wide mouthed, high sided glass jar melt the first three ingredients together in a water bath on lowish heat

Mix occasionally with a wooden skewer until melted 

Off the heat, add the lavender essential oil and mix well

Pour into clean silicon moulds of your choice and let cool and set

To use, simply warm the lotion bar in between the palms of your hands and apply resulting oil to your face and body. It's also wonderful for dry cuticles, heels and lips, in fact any where on the body that is dry or chapped. Even though it is an oil it doesn't leave your skin super shiny or feeling oily, just soft and smelling wonderful.

Have you ever made your own lotions and potions? What is your favourite beauty product to make?


  1. bees wax mixed with olive oil is the most beautiful lip balm

  2. I am starting to get motivated to use natural homemade products


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