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I mentioned a while ago that we have started to go to our local markets to try and put less of our consumer dollar into the big supermarkets. Most of the time the people running the market are the grower/producer and know where their product is from, when it was picked/processed/baked or what the ingredients are in the product. I thought it would be fun for you to see first hand what the markets look like and some of the produce we buy from there.

We buy our Sunday Breakfast Croissants from this baker, Wild Wheat. Their factory is just a few block away from our home, they make spectacular sourdough bread as well. On this day they had their daughter in law running the market while they were off scoping for a new market, to broaden their business.

Our local market is called Recliffe Jetty Markets, as that is where the markets are held, right on the beach, in front of the jetty. Our local council have spent a lot of money in recent times to beautify and update the look of the seafront village and I always think how lucky we are to have this just down the road from us. It takes us all of 5 mintues to drive there and because we go so early, there is plenty of parking.

We take our jars, cloth bags, bread bag and fruit and veggie draw string net bags to bring our purchases home in, so no plastic bags are used, which I just love. The market holders are more than happy to supply the produce without wrapping it in yet another plastic bag. Sweet!

One of the family members (The Mum) who run this fruit and veggie stall, their produce is good quality and their prices are hard to beat and they always seem genuinely happy.

The view looking up the street, there were lots of stalls on this day. There are always lots of bike riders, with groups of them hanging out, having breakfast after a long ride. There is also a lot of people that bring their dogs along, every breed of dog, large and small and all well behaved on leads.

Our beautiful Croissants being put into a container I bring from home.

I have been looking at these shoes for quite a while and decided to purchase a pair each for lovely hubby and I for our holiday in August. They are super light weight, flexible, supportive, breathable, washable and feel really comfortable. In am such a nanna when it comes to footwear, comfort is really important to me.

The brand is called "Newnique" and the owners are very helpful and love their product, they are the designers of  these shoe

The view looking down the street toward the jetty

You can see some of the old facades of the buildings in the background, there are a few in the Art Deco style, that are quite lovely

 Lovley hubby can't help himself when it comes to roasted macadamia's, as a treat he bought a packet of salted caramel macadamia's, so totally delicious.

We didn't get one of these amazing looking fruit smoothies, but they sell like hot cakes, there is always a line up for them

I normally get my certrified free range eggs from this stall, the brand is "Nindigully" and they are trully a supreme egg. I didn't need any on this day but I did purchase a box of Rosella's to make tea. I read about making beautiful Rosella tea from Morag over at 'Our Permaculture Life"

We often buy produce from this stall, "The Cheese Man". The owners are distributers and what the big supermarkets don't take, they sell here at extraordinarily low prices. Every kind of cheese, yoghurt, butter and flavoured milk drinks are available. There is something different each week. This week we bought a Kilo container of natural yoghurt and 2 x 500 gram flavoured yoghurt ( 2 for $1.00), a wheel of double brie and 2 x containers of Parmigiano Reggiano Scaglie, all for $9.00, what a bargain.

This market stall is owned by a lovely lady who works with our son at his massage practice in North Lakes. This is something she does on the side. I don't know where she gets the time as she works full time and has a family, as well. What a woman!

David from "The Meat Truck" with our butterflied Lamb for Easter Sunday Lunch

The honey we buy is local and is just magnificent. The Apiarist who supplies this honey lives just a few blocks away from us

Looking out over Anzac Square at Redcliffe. We will be going to the dawn service here in just a few weeks time. It is such a moving service to be part of, watching the sun rise over the water, so special.

Another fruit and veggie stall. There are many to choose from, all great quality and prices

"The Berry Man", all local and picked the day before the market. These berries are always perfect quality and last for ages, I have never lost any due to them "going off"

The view is hard to beat!

Looking out onto the jetty, that's the whale watching boat "Eye Spy" you can see at the end of the jetty. It is moored here during the off season.

In the middle of town is "Bee Gees Way", I just adore the music of the Bee Gees and always go for a  walk through it whenever I am there. There is a huge TV that plays music clips and interviews of the Bee Gees. I just love it. There are two sets of these bronze statue's, one of them as men and the other one as young boys, just starting out.

Isn't this wonderful, it is just like the photo

Looking up the Bee Gees Way, there are some really beautiful public and private photos of the lives of this talented group. Such a lovely family.

Our haul from the markets, croissants, snow peas, rosellas, bree cheese, yoghurt, parmesan, honey, butterflied lamb for Easter Sunday, nectarines, capsicum, aspargus and berries. All fresh and at a great price.

Our Redcliffe Jetty markets will be open on this coming, Good Friday, for the "Festival of Sails" it is a huge event for Redcliffe. If you are in Brisbane why not make a day of it and come of over the bridge.

Over to you, what is your local market like in your part of the world?

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  1. My favourite is our monthly farmers market which is on again this Saturday. I buy as much of our fresh produce at this market. Veggies, herbs, fruit. I also purchase grass fed meat from beef to pork. I also buy a jar of honey from a local. The closer to home the better. Homemade jam sometimes finds its way into our bag.

    My daughter and I always say hello to the chickens too. It is a very small market which I like and has a wonderful atmosphere. Everyone is happy and plenty of smiles.

    We also have a monthly market a little further away which is very big. It has craft stalls, fresh produce, bakeries plus a lot more.

    Redcliffe market looks like such a wonderful place to be. I noticed all those happy faces in your photos. I love markets too. Enjoy.

  2. I love the diversity that you find at markets, all that lovely fresh produce. So different to wheeling a trolley around a supermarket. I love especially the way that you can talk to the growers and producers about their food. Often, they are really passionate people. I love to go into the Northey St City Farm markets and also the Mitchelton Farmers Markets too. Meg:)

  3. Our farmers market runs from May through October. At the height of the season, there may be a dozen or more operators. It's very small. We're on the south shore of Lake Superior in Michigan, USA. I usually get as many vegetables as I can as well as apples. We can pick blueberries in the wild here. (Last year was wonderful for free blueberries.) All Summer, a free concert runs after the market closes. It's open from 4:00 to 7:00 on Tuesdays. If we want a bigger market, We head to the largest town in the U.P. On Sat. This year I joined a CSA so I can stop trying to grow vegetables. It's impossible on my little piece of land. What I don't get from the CSA, I'll buy at the market.
    Your market looks fabulous! Debbie


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