Rain, At Last

Hello Dear Reader,

We live in Queensland on the South East Coast, near Brisbane, and for the last week far north Queensland have copped a battering from Tropical Cyclone Debbie. Once Debbie had crossed onto land it turned into a rain depression and we finally, finally got some rain. The huge amount of rain in such a small amount of time wreaked havoc and bought about the closing of all schools from Agnes Waters down to the boarder of Queensland and New South Wales, an historic event!

The rain has been amazing and we were lucky not to have had any damage from the wind, it did get pretty crazy on Thursday evening and then all of a sudden it stopped. That was the original eye of ex-Tropical Cyclone Debbie passing over. You can see the eye passing over Brisbane in the map below.

This wonderful rain will do our gardens the world of good before going into our cooler months. I can't wait to get out into the garden today to tidy, weed, sweep and pot on some seedlings that I planted a few weeks ago. The plants will be literally jumping out of the ground and it will be a novelty not to have to water for a while.

How did you fare in this recent weather event?


  1. I'm not flood affected, but our whole town is.
    This is the third flood I've personally experienced in Lismore, but the first one to go over the levy wall. I've never seen so much water in my life! I feel so sorry for the townsfolk affected by this, and if I am able to I hope to go into town and help with the big clean up, when the waters recede.

  2. We got a lot of rain and wind but no damage, just a few branches from next door's eucalypt in our yard. A few trees uprooted along our local bike track. For us here, the rain was welcome after such a long, hot and dry Summer. I know that for many they've had too much rain and too much water with flooding of their homes. Nature can certainly cause a lot of damage and destruction. Meg

  3. We had heavy rain and some streets and roads were cut due to flooding. Some houses had flood damage.


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