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Rosella Tea

Saturday, 22 April 2017
Hello Dear Reader,

I adore tea, mostly the herbal variety and enjoy it all year round. I have vivid memories of having scorching hot, milky, tea with sugar, on the front open veranda, at my Nan and Papas home, in the middle of a Gympie summer. All the adults drank hot tea on a hot, hot day, so I just did the same. It's funny because you heated up and sweated so much, you actually felt cooler.

It's been a long time since I drank normal black tea with milk and I don't know if I would enjoy it as much as I do my herbal teas. I am absolutely in love with Liquorice tea and would drink it all day if I could, but as they say, all good things in moderation, so I allow myself just one really big, strong cup at night. I swear it's like a drug to me, I always feel wonderful after having it, like my bodies been craving it all day! I also have my usual cup of green tea and paw paw leaf for breakfast and peppermint with morning tea and lunch.

I have just discovered the beauty of Rosella tea, thanks to Morag from "Our Permaculture life". Last Sunday at the Jetty Markets I bought a small box of fresh Rosellas, just for the purpose of making tea. I knew the colour would be amazing and it is and the taste is faintly sweet, strawberry like with a slight astringent note as well. You can blend the rosella tea with ginger and mint or lemon myrtle but I love it just straight, as it is. I simply cut the end off the Rosella and peeled the petals or calyx's off the seed pod, I then let them dry out on a clean tea towel for a week or so. You can use the petals fresh as well. I have kept the seed pods and am in the process of letting them dry, in the future I will have a go at growing a Rosella plant.

I have the most adorable little tea infuser that my daughter left behind when she moved. I use it everyday, as I buy all my teas as loose leaf now and can source most of them from the Jetty markets as well. I bring my own jars for them to fill with loose leaf tea and they are more than happy to do so. It cuts down on packaging, both plastic and cardboard. Did you know, that some tea bags are made with a plastic component in them? MMM, Plastic infused tea, anyone?

To make the tea, I infuse about 4 or 5 dried or fresh Rosella Calyx's in a tea infuser, top with, just off the boil, hot water, let infuse for as long as you like, I just leave the little infuser in the cup while I drink my gorgeous tea. Look at that colour, it makes me happy just to see it.

What is your favourite tea? Herbal, black or green?


  1. I would love to know more about which herbs to use. I've only recently started drinking more tea. It was only yesterday that my husband and I picked out one of those little glass teapots which sit on a burner with a tea light. I find the flickering flame, scent, warmth and colour of the different teas so soothing. It's a Mothers Day gift so I need to wait. I asked him to hide it from me ��.

    We have an organic shop selling dried herbs and you can take your own jars to fill. I just don't know where to start as yet with best herbs for certain health benefits, taste etc. Which herbs mix well together and so on.

    Rosellas looks very tempting. I was reading your link to Morag's site about the benefits. Digestion and sleep are my main two things I would like to assist. Seems Rosellas aids digestion and tastes lovely too.

    Love your cup and saucer. Enjoy.


  2. The colour of that rosella tea is so beautiful! I wonder if you can make a natural dye from it? I was gifted a little rosella seedling recently and need to plant it out today. I want to make jam! Meg:)

  3. Just a note of caution on Licorice tea. As lovely as it tastes or the many health benefits you shouldn't drink it if you have high blood pressure or have other health issues. It also should be drank in moderation. Probably no more than twice a day.