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Hello Dear Reader,

On my quest to live a more frugal lifestyle, some things, that I once thought I couldn't live without, now simply don't matter to me anymore. Some people might think being frugal means lowering your standards or going without. My life couldn't be further from that version of frugalism. I am simply more discerning in my choices and choose quality over quantity. I try and find a way to have what I love, on a budget, while sourcing products that are made with love and are kinder to the planet.

I always in-source my life, never paying for services I can do myself. I make do and mend, and this philosophy, I think, is fundamental to living a small and frugal life. Keeping my life simple and small takes effort and it is sometimes hard work, but I wouldn't have it any other way.  For instance, one of my favourite pastimes is gardening, I always say gardening is not for wimps, for I find it physically challenging, however the few successes I have had, far outweigh the failures. There is nothing like picking fresh herbs, fruit or veggies from your garden to add to your lunch or dinner, it is a small pleasure that I just love and couldn't do without.

For 20 years of my working life I worked it retail Pharmacy and at the time I just loved it. I worked in every aspect of Pharmacy and when I was younger, just adored the cosmetic department. I would spend a long time getting ready for work, making sure my skin and makeup was perfect, my hair, just so, my nails polished and that I was perfectly groomed. I still take pride in my appearance but I no longer buy and wear makeup that is on trend. I have simplified my makeup to a good quality foundation, a natural blush and a lipstick. My hair has always been short but now even more so and takes me no time at all to keep it styled. So staying up with the latest trend in hair and makeup, simple doesn't matter to me anymore

Most of the time away, from work, I don't wear any makeup at all

Keeping up with TV shows and movies also doesn't matter to me, as I now only watch two shows, they are both on the ABC on Sunday. I watch Landline from 12 till 1 and then Gardening Australia from 1 till 1.30.

I used to love Masterchef, but to me, it is now out of reach of the simple, good home cook and you must already be able to cook and primp and display your food to such a high chef-y standard that it lost me along the way. I loved it way back when Julie Goodwin won it, she is such a wonderful cook and baker but still has a commonality amongst the everyday home cook and I can relate to her style.

A few other things that simply don't matter to me anymore are

Clothes-of course I buy and wear clothes but I never go to expensive fashion stores for them, I Op shop for anything I need

Jewellery-I have a small range of jewellery that will see me out. I don't even look at catalogues from jewellery shops, it just doesn't float my boat

Bags and shoes-again I have a small selection of bags and shoes. I have whittled down my shoes to ones that are comfortable and practical. I have also made quite a few patchwork bags that will keep me going for a while

Fast food and going out to restaurants-We rarely eat out and only when it is a special occasion and we never get take away, we just decided not to do it. I would rather have an egg on toast or open a can of baked beans than get take away. It's easier and of course cheaper. It does help that we both love cooking and eating good food so it's a no brainer.

So, high fashion, on trend makeup and hair, fashionable bags and shoes, expensive jewellery, eating out and keeping up with the latest TV shows and movies do not matter to me one little bit. I think I still look okay and my hubby and family love me the way I am. As long as I am happy and healthy, I will continue whittling down my life to achieve my wish of living a small, thankful and frugal life.

Over to you, what doesn't matter to you any more?


  1. I loved this..... I've been reading for a while now and even though I am in a much different season of my life (very young children) I can relate to so much of what you write. I used to worry all the time what other people thought of me, but I can genuinely say that it just doesn't matter to me anymore. Since I have started living in a way that fulfils me and my family the joy that brings just completely over rides anyone else's opinion. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  2. I love reading about the change in people when they live simply and frugally. The common theme that emerges is that stuff and things don't matter (beyond what you need at a basic level) I want to shake the shit out of the Western World sometimes for the excess they live with...but I learned long ago that you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink! I am now content with doing my little bit, but I will always live in hope that I can influence people just a little.

    Such an uplifting Sunday morning read, thank you :)

  3. I'm with you here. I used to work in the city every day, dress up, wear makeup and take quite a bit of time getting ready. These days I wear what is comfortable and haven't worn makeup for years now. I'm not and have never been into shoes, bags, jewellery and shopping. I much prefer home cooking and being home. I would also rather meet up with a friend at home or go for a walk together. Very simple which makes me feel happy and content.

  4. I think the older I get, the less and less I care about any of that superficial stuff. I want to give my time, energy, money, life hours and love to what really matters and to me that is very simple. It is family. It is home. It is community. It is health. It is nature and our Earth. Knowing what matters, beyond the influence and agendas of consumer driven entities and short-sighted governments, clarifies so many things and makes so many other things unnecessary and just "background noise". Meg:)

  5. Like Meg I care less about the superficial stuff. What I do value is gardening, time spent puttering around the home and 'real' people.

  6. Hi Fiona. This question has nothing to do with this post but I was reading through some of your bread posts last night and I was wondering about your thermomix. I have been thinking about purchasing a second hand one and was wondering what model you had? Is it the one with the computer chip? They are so expensive but I know if I bought one I would use it a lot. Also do you take it somewhere to have it serviced? Apologies if you have got this info on your blog already

    1. Hi Shangli La,
      I bought my Thermomix about 3 years ago, second hand from a Thermomix consultant that had just upgraded to the computer chip model, mine is the TM 31. I paid $1300.00 for it and I am still in love with it. It is a workhorse of a machine, so strong and efficient, for instance it grinds almonds to a meal in 20 seconds! I use it weekly for making our bread, it makes the lightest dough ever ( the secret is to knead for 6 minutes, not 2 ) I use it any time I need something ground like salt (I buy bulk Himalayan salt ) roasting and grinding spice for curry pastes, making quick cakes, soups and pancake mixes ( that is only the tip of the iceberg) , I really don't use my Thermy to its full potential, like cooking a whole meal in it, I think that is where the new model with the built in recipe chip would encourage you use it everyday for dinners. I have had no problems with this model, but I guess as it was second hand any warranty would be null and void anyway. I love my Thermomix and my consultant was excellent help also. Shop around for a good consultant who is friendly and not pushy, it is a lot of money and you need to be 100% happy not only with the machine but with the support you get from your consultant. I still think it was the best $1300.00 I ever spent in the kitchen. I hope this info helps, have a lovely day.

    2. Thank you it does. I like that a single appliance does lots of things quickly. I'll let you know how I go

  7. Pretty much do everything you have done! 35 now and started this about 10 years ago. It was slightly strange to some people around me who would say things like "You are young! Wear jewelry/fancy shoes/buy that dress!" And sometimes I would. And then regret it because I would go back to my old staples that have always worked (my used and abused high quality bags/shoes/clothes). As someone with highly sensitive skin, I've always had to avoid costume jewelry, scented products and many types of make up. I see what my friends spend at beauty stores and I think I naturally saved a lot! It used to annoy me that I couldn't wear what they could but am grateful for that now.
    Have learnt to buy quality things that have to last me at least 10 years. Rather stay at home and have toast/tea than go out. Love inviting friends over instead of meeting at expensive coffee places. Can be quite hard with young ones but they don't mind and that's always the best type of friendship - easy, casual and real. Trying to pass my these values to my young ones and teach them that it's lovely to get hand me downs and to pass on what we have to others. To love simple things like walks to the park and homemade muffins and playing board games. Quality over quantity. Now, convincing the other half is another thing!

  8. What a rich, frugal life you lead! Less debt, better health, less stress, more happiness. I'm not there yet in all respects but the framework is there. I cook from scratch, we don't go out much in our town for meals or get takeaway (I make a better curry, pizza and hubby's steaks are better than the pubs!). We do make the most of our holidays though and eat out a bit. I wear fairly plain clothes from Target, KMart and only shop for an outfit if really needed. I'd like to work less in the next few years and hopefully this will ease the stress in my life more.
    You look fabulous in those two outfits, by the way!

    Cheers - Joolz xx


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