This Weeks 5 Frugal Things on a Friday

Hello Dear Reader,

Our life is slowly getting back into a routine, which is wonderful as I don't cope well without a structured day. We are having lots of public holidays here in Australia at the moment, in fact we are in the middle of four weeks worth of only four working days per week, I could get used to this. Starting with Easter Friday, then Easter Monday, coming up next Tuesday is ANZAC day and then the following Monday is Labour Day, yeah for extra days off!

Blogging wise, I am not quite back into my normal routine of my weekly post about "What we bought, spent and ate" but I will try for next week, but I have managed to get todays normal post of 5 frugal things done, so that's a good sign of some normality returning.

The days are finally turning a little cooler and of course the days are getting shorter, I am now walking the dogs after the sun goes down, I do try and get their walk done late afternoon when there is still a little light around, but even at 6.15pm it is already dark. We are lucky to have the Dolphin Football fields just across the road and as they are in full swing of football training they have all their big lights on so I feel safe to walk the dogs, even on night fall. It also helps that lovely hubby has been walking with me as well, the dogs are only little but boy are they strong, it takes me all my strength not to be pulled over by these little balls of muscle!

I have, as always, been spending all my free time at home and have started some new projects like fermenting water kefir, starting off a new batch of sour dough starter and making a new kind of bread, it's made with cottage cheese and I just love it. The cottage cheese makes for a light but moist loaf and the method is super easy so I will make that my first of 5 frugal things this Friday-

1. Made a batch of bread rolls with some left over cottage cheese, it used up the one cup of cottage cheese that was at risk of not being used. Love. love, love no waste!

2. Sliced up and froze some daggy bananas to use at a latter date. I have in mind to make this Banana and Peanut Butter Ice-cream. But I will use some of my home made Roasted Mixed Nut Butter

3. Roasted the outside leaves of a cauliflower when we had a family lunch on Monday. I usually just chop up the outside leaves of the cauliflower and put it in the cauliflower in cheese sauce. But there were quite a few leaves with this particular cauli, so I googled a recipe and this is the one I used. I didn't have any dill or garlic powder, as per the recipe, so I used Caraway seeds instead. It was totally delicious roasted like this.

4. Hung all the washing to dry in the sun

5. Went to a big shopping centre and only spent money on what we went there for. We had to pick up our Apple computer on Easter Saturday and I think we did well not to buy anything else on a whim. Except for this magazine and that wasn't on impulse, I had wanted it for quite a while and a punnet of raspberries that were a good price of $3.99

So, that's a wrap of my 5 frugal things this week, I'd love to know what you have been up to one the frugal front.


  1. You learn something new everyday, I never knew you could eat the outer leaves of a cauliflower!!! Mine end up in the compost, but now I know about it, I'm thinking..."Of Course, why wouldn't they be edible!"

  2. I'm like you as far as structure goes. The kids on the other hand are loving these short weeks. They also have a studen free day Friday next week. So they have Tuesday and Friday off next week.

    Some of my frugal things this week:
    - next batch of sauerkraut fermenting.
    - leaving the car in the garage whenever possible and riding instead.
    - cooking all meals and double batching. A big mince dish has kept everyone full and satisfied two nights this week.
    - used what we had in the fridge and garden and haven't spent much at fruit and veg shop this week.
    - menu planned and stuck to my shopping list.
    - filling kids up after school with warm dishes such as baked beans on toast.
    - completed chicken coop with bits and pieces from the garage.

    Have a lovely weekend.


  3. I like my days to have a rhythm to them, a kind of ebb and flow of busy and quiet. If there's too much busy-ness and not enough quietness, I feel too rushed.

    I freeze banana chunks for the 'milkshakes' my son likes, just frozen banana & milk & cinnamon. Creamy! My frugal find of the week was an op shop top for $1.50 that I adore. (They had a half price sale:) I have been making my own clothes but I brought this one home with me because I think it's lovely & I know I'll wear it a lot. Meg:)


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