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This weeks 5 Frugal Things on a Friday

Friday, 28 April 2017
Hello Dear Reader,

Well, it's the end of another week, I have been loving these last few weeks, with all the public holidays, I have only been working four days a week! It's wonderful to have that extra time at home to get some more things ticked off my to-do list. I have continued de-cluttering as well, I hadn't done any for a while but on ANZAC day, I felt like doing some more sorting, so the kitchen got another go over and de-clutter, I mean really how many wooden spoons do I need, I can only use one at a time! I have catalogued my de-cluttering journey over on the page "My year of less stuff" if you want to see what I have been up to lately.

On the frugal front, this is what I have been up to-

1. Saved, dried and de-seeded the Rosella seed pods from the Rosella's I bought from the markets a while ago to make Rosella tea. When the time is right I will plant the seeds out and have a go at growing my own Rosella's. I love this tea, so this is something I look forward to doing.

2. Called into my local Coles on the way home late on Saturday afternoon and picked up some mighty bargains. The Watercress was used in this salad and dill has been chopped and frozen in ice cube trays for later use and the red onions are being used when ever I need an onion for a recipe.

3. Line dried all the washing, there has been little to no rain which is sad for the garden but great for getting clothes dried

4. Packed my morning tea and lunch for work every day, yesterdays morning tea was yoghurt with strawberries and macadamia's, a banana and a cup of divine peppermint tea and below is what I had for lunch-

A slice of spinach and feta quiche with herby potatoes and sprouted mung beans, a pear plus my one piece of dark chocolate and of course a cup of peppermint tea. 

5. Rode to work everyday. The days are getting a lot cooler but I rug up against the cold with a jacket and scarf, by the time I get to work I am quite warm

So that is my 5 frugal things, what have been your frugal achievements this week?

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  1. Your packed lunch looks perfect to me. Like you I have also been rugging up and riding. If I can leave the car at home I will. Made another kitchen cleaner. Crushed eggshells and roasted to replace our chickens calcium, started a chicken manure compost and cooked every day so no need to buy snacks, coffees, lunches etc.
    I find the more you do these things the more satisfaction therefore the drive to keep going. I really enjoy living like this.