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Hello Dear Reader,

A genuine smile and a good belly laugh does you the world of good, it releases amazing, feel good hormones that makes you feel happier, it's a wonderful cycle that we don't always experience everyday. I am a bit of a snorter when I really, really laugh,which makes me laugh even harder,often ending it really happy tears, it doesn't happen that often but I love it when it does. The last time I laughed that hard was a while ago when my adult son showed me an app on his phone that I hadn't seen before, snapchat, I laughed so hard and long, I was in tears by the time we had finished.

Not every day in my life makes me laugh or even smile like I mean it, but when I do get to smile, I mean really smile from happiness, I try and remember it and savour the feeling for when I am not feeling so wonderful. Some of the things that have been making me smile are-

Riding my lovely retro style bike to work everyday. I bought it second hand about two years ago for $100 and I just love it. It has 5 gears that don't really get a big work out. I leave it on the heaviest gear to give me a bit of a work out, I do this as it's not that far to work and I like to get at least some exercise that makes my heart pump a bit faster. There is a wonderful freedom I feel on my bike with the fresh air wizzing by me that invigorates and enlivens me for the day ahead. I have a little time to think as well which you don't get behind the wheel.

My different teas that I drink everyday. I have posted about this topic before and my love affair with herbal teas hasn't wained since then. My latest tea that I absolutely love is Licourice tea. I buy it from our local Sunday market and it is so deliciously sweet and earthy, I just can't get enough of it. It looks like bits of wood, but it is the root from the Glycyrrhiza Glabra plant and once the root has been processed it produces licourice extract which is naturally sweeter than sugar. I use an infuser to make this amazing tea, I have to limit myself to one really enourmous cup at night, it never fails to make me smile and I always say "Damn, that's a good cup of tea"

My native bees make me smile a stupid big goofy smile everymorning, I just love to see them coming and going and doing their bee thing. I have at last had some pumpkins set fruit and I would like to think that my little bees are making it happen.

Not my native bees but a blue banded bee visiting my garden during Summer

The smell and feel and of freshly mown grass. There is something about the smell, especially, that make me just so happy inside. I think it stems from memories of my darling Dad mowing our lawns when we were young. Dad was so house proud and would always finish off mowing the lawns by hosing off the patio and walkways, clean his mower, and make everything really tidy and put right. Lovely Hubby also does a great job on our small amount of lawns and I still love the smell and feel on walking on soft grass.

Rain. I want to dance in the rain everytime it comes our way. We live just north of Brisbane and we seem to miss out on the rain even when it is forecasted. There is definately something that comes out of the sky that doesn't come out of the end of a hose. Again the smell of rain is something that I remember from my childhood, I grew up in Gympie (further north) and we would get amazing rain in the Summer.

My two favourite TV shows, Landline and Gardening Australia. I don't watch any other TV except these two shows, they are on Sunday afternoon and I look forward to them all week. They are always full of intersting topics and wonderful human stories.

The feeling of a really clean kitchen. I have a cleaning schedule and every Friday afternoon I wipe the entire kitchen over with really hot water and a splash of Eucalyptus oil. I then wipe it dry with a clean tea towel. I love to smooth my hand over the clean countertops when I am finished, crazy, I know, but it makes me smile.

The BeeGees playing from my iPad. There is something about their music that makes my heart sing and brings a super smile to my face AND it makes me dance which also makes me smile even more. My love affair with the Bee Gees began when I was a teenager and would go Ballroom Dancing, every Friday night, at our social dance at Boultons Studio, we would get down and boogie to Saturday Night Fever, holy cow could they sing. I am such a tragic, I listen to their music almost every day (sometimes it's Barry Manilow or Barbra Streisand) I got to met Barry Gibb a few years ago when they opened the second stage of BeeGees Way in Redcliffe, what a hoot it was to meet such a gifted, generous and just wonderful man.

There is probably a lot more that makes me smile but these are the ones that came to mind really quickly. Now your turn. What makes you smile really big and laugh until you almost cry?


  1. I really love your first photo, it's just lovely. Genuine happiness shining through.

    Sometimes I laugh so hard it hurts everywhere. Every time I then think of it I start all over again and get funny looks. There are two people in my life who really get me to this stage so easily. My brother and also my teenage son. They do the funniest things especially when they're bored. They laugh at themselves too which just makes me laugh even more. They have this knack. It's part of their personality and I just love it.

    You and I have almost identical bikes except mine is pale blue. I have had it just over a year and ride six days a week. For example I need to pick up mince from the butcher today so I'll be riding there. I ride to and from the library and love having the books in my basket. Otherwise I ride along our many bike paths and breathe, feel the wind, push up hills and glide down the other side. The faster the better sometimes, it makes me smile.

    Being in the garden and the smell of the soil.

    Right now sitting here with my morning coffee, sliding door open and listening to all the birds.

    So, so many things.

    Have a wonderful day.

  2. There is a lot of ordinary, everyday things that make me smile...it's just taking that time to notice them and not just pass them by. Like you, I adore my native bees (I've just come up from walking the dog and saying hello to my bees:), a clean kitchen has me in raptures and Gardening Australia is also my favourite tv show...I got to spend some time around Costa during a course I did once and he is just as energetic & enthusiastic as on screen. Genuine fellow! THe antics of our Sir Steve dog - this old Labby dog who forgets he's getting on in years - who twirls and spins and rolls around on the grass after his walks. My son too can say the funniest, most naive things and that cracks me up totally. Have a lovely weekend :)Meg


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