What's the Point of Living a Small Life

Hello Dear Reader,

Our computer has gone on the blink so I am blogging from an old lap top my daughter gave me, it's good but not as good as the Apple. So I may not be blogging as much until we get the Apple fixed.

Over the last 8 years I have purposely tried to make my life smaller, more thankful and frugal. By smaller, I mean buying less stuff, staying home more, thrifting, making do and mending,cooking from scratch and just thinking about every single item I was buying and using. The pivotal change occured when lovely Hubby was very unwell for an extended time, losing his income, which dramatically impacted on the way we were living. Back then, we definately were not as careful with money as we are now. And ironically, we did less fun things like holidays and weekends away. After Hubby was back on his feet, we started planning and doing, instead of just dreaming and talking about it. 

To us, the point of living a small life, in most everyday aspects of our life, enables us to focus our attention, time and money on things that will bring us joy and happiness. We love camping and went for a week earlier in the year and are going again in May for another week. We are also planning a two week holiday in August for our 30th wedding anniversary ( we have never had more than a weeks holiday at one time) which we have had in the pipe line for the last five years. I will tell you all about it as it draws nearer. We save money, where we can, on the everyday stuff, so we can achieve our goals.

Some of the things we do to save money are-

I meal plan every week and only buy what we need for that week, eliminating waste

I tend the garden and grow what I can (many,many failures, but I keep trying)

I ride to work most days to save the wear and tear on the car and fuel money

I love op shopping and if I need any thing I will go to the many fabulous op shops we have on the peninsula before buying new

I line dry the washing when I can, which in Queensland is most of the time

We save the warm up water from the showers to water the big potted plants we have

Take a bottle of water with us where ever we go

Pack a lunch for work for myself and make sure there is a "leftover" meal in the fridge for the boys when they are home for lunch from work

We are careful with our consumption of water and electricity

We plan our days to get the most out of them

We rarely go to the movies or out to dinner

Go to bed early and get up early, I find I am more focussed and rested, getting more out of my day

These are just a few of the things I do, day in, day out, that help to work towards my goal of living a small, simple and frugal life. Now, it's your turn, what do you do everyday, to life a small,thankfull and frugal life?


  1. In a nutshell, I'm careful with the little things in order to enjoy the big things. At the moment paying a big chunk off our mortgage is really important to me, because it will free up money (that used to be mortgage payments) for other things, like finishing our house, which I am hell bent on saving up for after we have paid the remaining chunk of our mortgage off. (We will still have a mortgage after this chunk is paid, just a significantly less one) so like you, I pack my lunch everyday, we cook from scratch (probably have a bit more takeaway than you, but heaps less than most people), I don't own a dryer and I simply don't buy stuff...I only buy what I need...and that's a biggie right there! This way of doing things buys choice and freedom, and those things are priceless.

  2. It's wonderful how simplifying things makes what matters so much clearer. We do many of the things on your list too. I am finding that I am now reluctant to spend money unless I absolutely have to. When I do, I want it to be in ways that align with what I believe in: fresh, healthy, ethical, local, handmade, homemade, homegrown, supporting community and so on. I'm really focussed at the moment on learning some new skills - knitting, sewing, soapmaking too. Have a great day, fiona. Meg:)

  3. I love your posts. I feel most centred when I am living frugally . I tell my friends I'm old fashioned - preferring to 'nest' and homemake but I secretly think I have 'wised up' to the consumers way. I save up for things and buy wisely, with our only debt being a small amount on our home loan. I also love to meal plan, appreciate what I have and enjoy the free things in life. I'm pretty lucky!

  4. Fiona,
    I just love your outlook. We lived in the far country in a 4 br home and moved to the "city" 4 years ago into a small home. We have three grown kids that moved with us. They were not happy moving from the home they have always known. Then we began to question if what we had done was wise. This home came with a lot of problems whereas the home we left had all the bugs worked out after being there 22 years. Should we stay or move again? We have been unable to find something acceptable so we're staying. With that decision comes renovations. The power to the big garage (a big factor for not moving since nothing we looked at had an outbuilding) was compromised somewhere underground. The windows weep in cold weather ruining all the wood around the windows. We had all new vinyl windows put in, dug a trench from the house to the outbuilding for a new gas line and electric and remodeled a bathroom downstairs. We've decided to live big in our little home. Kids have adapted but they also don't live with us most of the year (school, job out of the country) so they only come home on breaks. It cost us a lot of money to do these renovations but it would have cost more to move so now we sit back and enjoy.

    How old are your boys? Do you only have two boys? I have two girls and a boy (g24, b22, g20)


  5. Well I think living a small life means different things to different people. It also looks different at various stages of life. Although I am a stay at home mum my life is very full and busy at the moment. I have 5 children ranging from 17 to 5. I homeschool my children while hubby works as a teacher. We are Christians and try to teach our children what it means to live like Christ by being involved in community welfare work on the weekends. Our life is busy and even sometimes hectic but the way I try to live a small life is to make family our focus. Putting our time and effort into raising responsible and caring children. With a large family this takes up alot of our income. I have chosen to stay at home to make a nest for my family. We live in rural NSW and could never imagine living in the city, especially a with children. I make most meals from scratch, garden, buy things only when the others have worn out. I am a very functional person and focus on making my home productive and welcoming but never worry about making my home look fassionable just for the sake of it. I'm sure when the children are grown my simple life will look different but at the moment that is what it looks like for me.


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