A Morning At Jerry's

Hello Dear Reader,

I had the pleasure of going to Jerry Colby-Williams garden "Bellis" at Wynum, last Saturday morning.  Jerry is a presenter on Gardening Australia, which just happens to be my most favourite TV show. He has an open garden once a year, over the Mothers day weekend and was already full of people when we arrived at 9.45, which was lovely to see. It is packed to the gunnels with trees, palms, herbs, edible greens, native bee hives, fruit trees and veg everywhere you looked. It all starts on the footpath, he has a purple leafed, sweet potato vine as a ground cover along the nature strip at the front of his property, ingenious! It looks fantastic planted, en masse, and I believe there would be little to no maintenance.

Jerry came out on the verandah and gave a summary of his garden, how he captures and disperses rain water for his home and garden, how his closed sewerage system works and how his solar panels make more that enough energy for his needs. With his this property, Bellis, he was able to start with a blank canvas and put into place all of these systems before establishing his garden. 

A protected and fertile seed raising area

Huge leaves of Taro

The dappled green and yellow leaves of Cassava in the foreground

Ornamental Pineapple

Lime tree loaded with fruit and banana trees in the foreground

A massive Red Papaya tree, it was also loaded with fruit. The understory is planted with sweet potato

This is the corn bed, Jerry has completed an experiment he called "The Pop Corn Challenge" where he has planted out corn, every month, for a whole year. This experiment was to prove the sad fact of global warming

The back of the property taken from near the back fence

Tomatoes, Corn, Lettuce and Chillies

A magnificent Pandanus tree

The "legs" of the pandanus tree

Spring onions and Chillies

The Mandarin tree was massive

Bananas and banana flower

There were so many varieties of Chillies

A beautiful succulent, look at those patterns

The huge Pandanus tree sits at the entrance to the garden

Basil, Eggplants, Turmeric (I think) and more Corn

A fabulous display of north facing beans on a bamboo trellis

I did read what this was but now I can't remember

A busy bee on a Sacred Basil flower

Beautiful and bright Coleus.
Hessian matting was laid down to protect the lawn section of the garden

We saw four native bee hives throughout the garden but there could have been more

It was such an inspirational visit to this productive and amazing garden, there was hundreds of plants for sale which were all propagated from mature plants in this garden. There was also jams for sale, we bought two, a lime and kaffir lime marmalade and a Siam Gold chilli jam, both made with produce from the garden and both are totally delicious.

Your turn, do you like going to open gardens? How do they inspire you?


  1. Wow, that is quite the garden! I haven't been to an open house in over ten years. We moved to a more remote area: I have yet to see any adds for such a thing. You learn so much when you visit other gardens, don't you? Thank you for sharing!

  2. Thank you so much for this photo tour, Fiona. What an amazing abundance of food in a Brisbane garden ... something to aim for! Meg:)

  3. We visited Jerry's garden last year and loved it. I wished there weren't so many people there as it was a bit hard to see everything. It's really impressive though. I bought some Lebanese cress which is flourishing.

  4. I Love Jerry, and affectionately refer to him as the "garden nerd" what he doesn't know about gardening isn't worth knowing!
    I saw this advertised, and I was very tempted to make the trip up, it's about a 3 hour drive from us, but what a great day trip! Kind of wish I had now, I might have bumped into you! Maybe I will put it on the calendar for next year, and plan an over night stop, make a weekend of it. It all looks fabulous and lush doesn't it.


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