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Hello Dear Reader,

Todays topic was inspired by watching the documentary, "The Minimalists". It really made me think about the frugal way I live, the slow but steady downsizing of unused/unwanted items from my home and what motivates me to keep going.

We live in a very lucky country, there is no denying that, however even us lucky ones can get it so wrong. When will enough be enough? Having enough is plenty, so why do we hanker after more? I have been watching (and re-watching) this documentary about these two men that hopped off the mad train of consumerism to live a more simple life and it makes total and complete sense to me.

I think I have created quite an insular life for myself and I was horrified when I saw some of the scenes in this movie regarding the behaviour of people, shopping like their lives depended on it. They are most probably really lovely, quite normal people, but put them in this situation where they are battling other humans for an item, that they perceive they need more, they become angry, possessive and not very nice at all. These scenes have been played out, to a lesser degree, here in Australia, during our boxing day and end of year sales, which are often televised and again it baffles me why people are hooked on this consumerism roundabout.

I have never been a shopper or a huge consumer, I have never had a big wardrobe of clothes, shoes or bags, never wanted the latest gadget, that will apparently make me really happy and content, never wanted more, in fact over the last few years I have yearned for less, less stuff, less possessions. This minimalist way of living is seeping deep into my bones and I love it. I believe that being frugal and being a minimalist go hand in hand and this is the way I want to continue living my life.

Even if I had more money, I doubt I could be happier. I am very happy with my simple life and don't hanker after new stuff to give me pleasure or fill a void. Give me a content family, a clean and orderly home, a home cooked meal and an early bedtime and my life is complete. I believe in having just enough to keep you going, enough love, enough food, enough clothes, any more than this is a waste and there really is no need for more. 

What are your views on consumerism and minimalism?


  1. I couldn't agree more with everything you wrote, I'm exactly the same, and have been pretty much all my life, us minimalist consumers do exist, we are just hard to find, because we are not hanging out at the shops! LOL

    I still cringe and struggle when I see what others own and buy, we'll never change them and that is frustrating to me, but I've learnt to live with it, or it does your head in. I just don't get it...probably the way they don't get me...anyway I'm going to make an effort to watch that show when I get a chance. Great post.

  2. I've never been a consumer but I don't have much time for extreme minimalism either
    (especially the way it seems to be fetishsised by hipster trendies these days!). I
    spent much of my twenties living out of a backpack and I now like having things that
    mean something to me.

  3. Sitting here nodding in agreement. I've never been a big consumer either and finding it just keeps getting less. I don't need that stuff and have no interest in big sale days. I just watched the trailer and shuddered at the scene of shoppers squeezing through the door.

    I don't own a lot of clothes and my favourite footwear are my gumboots. I get so much more from producing our own food and cooking from scratch too, I would also much rather be home than at shops.

    Just ordered the DVD from the library. Look forward to watching it.


  4. I totally agree about the need to stop the wave of stuff and also getting rid of all the unnecessary stuff in my life....but am I a true minimalist?? Nope. There is just stuff that is plain useful or delightful and I'm keeping it. Well at least for now.


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