Here and Now 2

Hello Dear Reader,

I did mean to have this post finished and link up with"Say Little Hen" by the 17th of this month, but life got in the way. I will go ahead and post it anyway and then start linking up next month. So here goes my Here and Now 2-

Loving//The rain that we have received recently, it simply makes my life so much easier, no spending an hour or so watering, using our precious tank water

Eating//Osso Buco Alla Milanese, it has been my favourite meal, so far, this week

Drinking//A quiet glass of port last night. We discovered Castle Glen when we went to Stanthorpe for our 27th Wedding Anniversary three years ago, they have an incredible range of wines, fortified wines and spirits. This is a beautiful sipping port.

Feeling//Overwhelmed by the thought of sorting out my Mother in laws home-there is just so much stuff, I don't know how to begin

Making//I have been tending my new sourdough starter and am looking forward to making a crusty loaf of light rye sourdough today

Thinking//I must get into my sewing room and get on with a new quilt for one of my little grand nieces, her 4th birthday is in August and I hope to have it finished by then. I have had the material for ages and I did make a start on it, but I made a mistake and the patches didn't line up how they should have, so I just left it and thought I would get back to it soon. Well, I really must do that!

Dreaming//Of a little home and a big productive garden somewhere in my future

This is a lovely process to go through, I find it really fascinating as all the answers to the questions are just sitting there, ready in my brain.

Have a wonderful Sunday to everyone that drops by and reads my little blog. I love the comments that you leave, it absolutely makes my day.


  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who walks away from a project when they muck it up LOL! Sometimes I return to it, other times I repurpose the fabric!

  2. So lovely to find your blog, I'm sorry you missed out on linking in this month! You're welcome to leave a link to your post in the comments though :-)
    Oso bucco is SO yummy! One if my favourite dishes. And yay for sourdough starters! They are so much fun.

    Sarah x


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