Patterns in Nature

Hello Dear Reader,

I love our little camp holidays so much, I know I gush and go on about it and you would think that I may be sick of this area by now, but I'm not. I find the colours, patterns and beauty of nature is everywhere around you, you just need to look. The obvious ones are sunrises and sunsets, whats that saying-"they happen everyday, you just need to be there for them". I get so excited by a new day, especially one that starts in such a dramatic way.

The sunrise on my 50th birthday was just magnificent 

We were both there to enjoy it

Patterns are everywhere in nature and many mathematical theories have been based on mother nature. Just think of the patterns within a nautilus shell

Or a Sunflower or Romanesco Broccoli, they all contain the same mathematical pattern

No, I am not gifted in maths, far from it, but I do find nature just incredible!

These are a few of the photos I took while camping last week, I think some of them are great examples of patterns in nature-

I am sure the underbelly of this mushroom would have been lovely, but I didn't want to disturb it

Banksia seed pod

I have found plenty of these over the years, not sure of what they are, maybe they share the same maths theory as the Nautilus

Bracken fern leaf

Grevillea in flower

Cuttlebone, I think surfboard designers borrowed this idea

Scribbly Gum

Do you marvel at nature?


  1. Yes!! Love nature and her beautiful and amazing creations, always something new to wonder over :)

  2. Lovely photos, Fiona. Nature offers up so much beauty. I understand about never growing tired of the same holiday place. We have been time and time again, for the better part of twenty years, back to North Stradbroke Island. I love seeing what stays the same and what changes from year to year. I never ever tire of it. It seems the world offered up a beautiful good morning for your birthday, happy birthday to you! Meg:)


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