This Weeks 5 Frugal Things on a Friday

Hello Dear Reader,

This week has been absolutely beautiful, we have had a ball on the beach everyday and have caught lots of Whiting to bring home. We have one more day here in this beautiful place and then it is back home to get ready for work next week. I love this holiday as I can completly unplug and relax, if the fish aren't biting I simply start walking the beach searching for shells and interesting bits, unfortunately I am still finding lots of plastic rubbish and it has become second nature to pick this rubbish up, I know I'm really not making a difference but it is maybe one less piece that is harming our oceans and sea creatures.

Now on with frugal stuff-

1. I am going to count camping as my first frugal thing this week, it is a very affordable holiday costing about $450 for the 6 days including, beach permits, fuel, food and camp site fees. That breaks down to $75 a day for 2 adults, all meals and accomodation, not bad, I say

2. Before we came camping I made sure everything perishable was used up. I had bought some pears the week before, there were still quite a few left so I poached them in a brown sugar and cardamon syrup,  they were totally delicious

3. Double checked all our camping equipment to make sure there was nothing forgotten. That saves us money on buying stuff we should have bought with us

4. Aired all our towels and clothes to make them last the week, saves money using the washing machine here at the camp grounds

5. Fuelled up before we left home, as you go further up the coast the cost of fuel goes up

So, thats my 5 frugal things, how did you go this week?


  1. Hopefully you'll get a few more bits before you head home. Your stewed pears sound very yum indeed.

    This week I have:
    - served meals every night from leftovers we had in the freezer.
    - soaked and dehydrated walnuts, almonds and macadamia nuts. Much cheaper doing it yourself.
    - kept veggie scraps and eggshells for the chooks.
    - added chicken manure to container each morning to compost.
    - used petrol dockets.


  2. It sounds like such a lovely time you've had, Fiona. When we head over to Straddie each year, I take everything with us, packed up in our old ute, and it makes for just the best holiday! We had a hectic week here but managed to keep things frugal:
    * picking mandarins, lettuce, perpetual spinach, herbs and spring onions from the garden
    * made a warming stew which we had one night with dumplings, next night as a potato-topped pie
    * friends gave us a big jar of lovely local honey :)
    * topped up fuel at much cheaper price than the $1.39 per Litre it rocketed up to!
    * running dishwasher/wash machine/vacuum during day when sun on our solar panels

    Tomorrow night, we are taking our boy to the movies. We have two gift passes to use so it will be a lot cheaper than if we had to pay full price or for a family ticket. We very rarely go to the movies so this is a lovely family treat. Have a lovely weekend! Meg:)

  3. I love hearing about your camping trips! Here are my frugal things:
    -Called our utility company about a $140 incorrect charge, & got it reversed
    -Made all meals at home, despite a crazy work week
    -Requested a $20 credit for a future flight, as part of an airline price guarantee
    -Made muffins out of very spotty bananas for kid snacks. I have a 10 & 11 year old boy, and the 11 year old is eating a tremendous amount at the moment!
    -Exchanged a pair of running shoes that didn't fit. Rather than trying to make them work, I braved the mall to return them


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