This Weeks 5 Frugal Things on a Friday

Hello Dear Reader,

This has been my first five day work week for over a month, and it was hard going, "What do you mean I have to go to work everyday?" I think everyone is feeling it at the moment and to make matters worse, I have, post holiday blues, so that doesn't help either. I am trying to settle back into a routine but there are lots of other things on my mind at the moment and I am finding it hard to gain traction. I am sleeping okay, although I find I am dreaming really vividly and are most often dreaming just before I wake in the morning, the dreams aren't too disturbing, just weird, and it is hard to wake up, even more so with the cooler weather, it is definitely Autumn!

I have started dog training with the older dog, Lulu, (we inherited two little fluffy's from my Mother in law) last night was our first class and it was fantastic. I always knew Lulu was a clever girl, and she is already picking up four simple commands-on your mat, sit, look at me, and lay down, although, lay down is still a bit tricky for her. The training will run for six week and it is through the RSPCA. The lady that runs it, also owns the franchise and she is really passionate about what she does. I think this will be excellent for Lulu and intend to also train the other little dog at a later time.

Other than this outing and work, I have been sticking close to home, doing all those jobs that make a house, a home. This is what I have been up to on the frugal front-

1. Made some healthy muffins out of some daggy bananas

2. Used up some Wombok that was sitting, idle, in the crisper, in this great little recipe. I hate waste of any sort, I still half a Wombok to use up, talk about a veggie that just keeps giving. I am thinking of making something like this recipe next week to use the rest of it up

3. Made another home made cleaner using ingredients already at home, this time it is a glass and mirror cleaner. It cost cents to make and leaves the glass crystal clear

4. Made a meal out of what was in the house, when we got home from camping on Saturday. I didn't feel like cooking but then I didn't want to spend money on take away either. So, there were some mushroom and spinach in the fridge, left over from something our son had cooked while we were away, there were a few potatoes left from camping and a can of baked beans. It was totally delicious!

5. Made a soup out of the rest of the "not so wonderful" pumpkin from a few weeks ago. Because the pumpkin was so lack lustre, I cut it up and roasted it, hoping to bring out some sweetness and flavour, I then froze it to use at a later date. Last night I made a Curried Pumpkin and Sweet Potato, similar to this one and am very happy to report it was delicious and that there was no waste. SWEET!

Thats a wrap. Are you finding it hard to cope with a full working week? And what frugal things have been happening in your home?

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  1. I think that weekends seem to fly and so love those public holidays that extend weekends, that let us have more time at home together. During the week, we received a big bag of avocados and lemons from the trees of a dear friend. Eating those will be a lovely saving, I'm going to make lemon and yoghurt loaves, lemon butter and little lemon and ricotta biscuits with the lemons. Have lovely weekend, Fiona. Meg:)


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