What We Bought, Spent and Ate This Week

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Food is so central to our lives, of course, it's main job is to keep us alive and well but the social side of eating a meal with family is also very important. Coming together at the end of the day to share a meal to talk or be with someone whom you love, is fundamental in creating a place where all our basic needs are met.

I think most of us try to eat well, with a budget in mind, some weeks are better that others in the budget department but we always try to eat well, from a wide variety of food groups, choosing fresh, wholesome food over convenience foods. I do buy a few shortcuts like puff pastry, curry pastes and stock cubes as, at this time in my life, I simply do not have the time to make these things from scratch on a regular basis.

I will also buy an item if it costs less than what I can make it for, for instance I have been buying yoghurt from "The Cheese Man" at the Sunday markets as, per kilo it is cheaper than buying a litre of good quality milk. I do prefer to make my own but it must make sense to the budget as well.

This is what we have been buying, spending and eating this past week-

What we Bought
Shopping from the Sunday markets

Shopping from ALDI on the left and Coles on the right (we bought the Liverwurst from Woolworths as Coles doesn't stock it, it is for the little dogs to give them their nightly fish oil capsule with) 
What we spent
Sunday Markets-

The Meat Truck-$41.30

Fruit and Veggies-$25.45


The Cheese Man-$10.00





What we ate
Saturday-Baked Beans, Sautéed Mushroom with Spinach and Mini Roast Potatoes

Sunday was Crab Sandwiches-sorry I forgot to take a photo. Friends had gifted us some cooked Mud and Sand Crab!

Monday-Marinated BBQ Pork Ribs with Asian Coleslaw (Yes, the Coleslaw was leftover from our camping meals)

Tuesday-Beef and Noodle Stir fry

Wednesday-Tempura Whiting, Steamed Basmati Rice and Bok Choy

Thursday and Friday-Roasted Pumpkin and Curried Sweet Potato Soup

As I made a big batch of soup which fed us for two nights, we won't be using the Osso Bucco we bought from "The Meat Truck" last Sunday, until Tomorrow, I am using a simple recipe from one of most treasured recipe books, The Food Of Italy

Over to you, what has been on your family table this week?

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