What we bought, spent and ate this week

Hello Dear Reader,

I mentioned yesterday that rain had stated to fall here and I am just loving every minute of it, anyone would think I was a farmer. The best news is that our actual Queensland farmers are getting some of this glorious rain, yeh!

In anticipation of this rain, I diluted some home made liquid fertiliser and spread it around all the plants, so hopefully with the combination of beautiful rain and natural fertiliser my fruit and veggies will be jumping out of the ground. The two liquid fertilisers I make are-a bag of horse manure submerged in a big bucket of water and comfrey leaves also left to steep in a bucket of water. Once they have marinated for a month or so, I simple scoop out about 500ml of liquid fertiliser into a 9 litre watering can and top the rest up with water, this is then spread around the base of plants. I have been using this type of fertiliser for about 2 years now and the plants just love it.

Now on with what we bought, spent and ate this week

What we bought
Shopping from Coles

Shopping from ALDI, the mince is for the dogs, they get a small amount of mince and a good quality dry for dinner. This 2 kg of mince will last them for 16 meals which works out to be 86 cents or 43 cents per dog per night

Fruit and veg plus 3 (well we bought 3 but only 1 made it into the photo) almond croissant from the Sunday markets. I mentioned yesterday that when we go to the markets I have a quick walk through first to check prices and then buy what is best value for money. The giant head of broccoli in the photo above is a good example. At most fruit and veggie stalls, broccoli was $4.50 a kg but at this one stall they were selling broccoli for $2.50 a head not per kg, so I found the biggest one I could find. When I got home I weighed it and found it was just under 1 kg, it pays to shop around, even at a market

Meat from "The Meat Truck" we were very disappointed in the free range eye fillet, it was very chewy. I think I will have to use the rest of it for slow cooker meals. Lovely hubby sliced the whole eye fillet up when we got home, it made 3 meals with 5 pieces and 1 with 2 pieces of steak. So even though it was a lot of money initially it worked out to be $10.50 per meal. I will be letting them know how disappointed we were with the meat tomorrow when we go to the markets, it is the first time we haven't been happy with the quality of the meat.

A few items were forgotten so I went to Coles on Sunday night after dinner to pick these few items up. There was also a 12 pack of little apples marked down to 50 cents so I snaffled those up as well

What we spent
Sunday Markets-

The Meat Truck-$63.90

Fruit and Veggies-$50.60





What we ate
Saturday-Fish and Noodle Laksa

Sunday-Osso Buco Alla Milanese

Monday-Prawn stir fry with rice noodles

Tuesday-Thai Pork and Wombok Noodle soup 

Wednesday-Disappointing BBQ eye fillet with Potato, Avocado and Watercress salad

Thursday-I forgot to take a photo but we had Pan Fried Reef Fish with more of the same salad as above. This is the night I take Lulu, the older Jack Russell, dog training. We eat when I get home

Friday-Chilli Con Carne with steamed basmati rice, guacamole and natural yoghurt, this meal only has 250 grams of beef mince in it so it is very economical and as there is lots of pulses and veggies in it to make it stretch, there is plenty left over for dinner tonight. Sweet!

Over to you, what do you cook on nights, when you have to out the door again in a short time?


  1. That's a shame about your eye fillet, Fiona. I'm sure, given you are a regular customer, that the butcher will want to make up for that disappointment. That broccoli head is huge! On really busy days, I tend to rely on soup because I usually have some in the freezer and just defrost it. We have it with toasted sandwiches or something else simple. Easy, nutritious and hardly any cooking! Meg:)

  2. On busy nights we will often have taco's or nacho's as we always have a stash of chilli con carne in the freezer, and I usually make sure we have the other ingredients in the pantry/fridge. So kid friendly too!


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