Whipped Shea Butter Body Lotion

Hello Dear Reader,

My skin goes so dry in Autumn and Winter and I try to take extra care of it during these cooler months. I had purchased some Organic Shea butter a while ago to use in these lotion bars. They have been really beautiful to use but now my skin is so dry I need something that will glide on to my skin. Enter this whipped body lotion. It only has two ingredients, or three if you want to add a little essential oil. I used lavender essential oil again as I find it soothing and smells beautiful. The brand of essential oils I use is doTERRA, I trust their quality and safety. 

Ingredients for Whipped Shea Butter Body Lotion-Organic Shea Butter and oil. I choose to use
rice bran oil because of its many benefits

Measure out 80 grams of shea butter into a clean glass jar. Use a high sided, wide mouthed jar as this is what you will be melting the shea butter and oil in

Into the same jar, measure out 19 grams of oil of your choice

Put the jar into a small saucepan and half fill with water, bring to a gentle boil and then turn heat down to low until shea butter and oil have melted together

Melted shea butter and oil and doTERRA Lavender essential oil

Now, put the jar into the freezer and let the melted shea butter and oil "set" until it develops an opaque look over the top. Don't let it go rock hard

Scoop out solidified oil and put into the bowl of a stand mixer and add 8 drops of essential oil

Whip until light and fluffy and doubled in volume,  mine took about 10 minutes

Spoon and scrape into a clean jar

This lotion is incredibly light and fluffy, it melts immediately on contact with skin and massages in beautifully. It is not greasy and feels lovely and light. I have used it on my face, hands, feet and body with no issues.

How does your skin hold up over the cooler months?


  1. How simple is that! My skin becomes dry in the Winter too. I usually just rub in raw coconut oil but in colder months it doesn't always melt onto the skin as readily as in the warmer months.
    Thanks for sharing such great "recipe". Meg:)

  2. I am so excited Fiona. I ordered the shea butter, and am going to give this a go tomorrow. Thanks for sharing your secrets. My skin gets extremely, so this should work well. Love your blog, thanks for the inspiration Fiona!! Robyne S.A

    1. Hi Robyne, I love it, at first you think it is oily, but it just glides on and absorbs rapidly. I use it all over everyday, a little goes a long way too. Thanks for reading and have a lovely week.

  3. Dear Fiona, I made my shea body butter tonight. I am disappointed though, as it did not turn out light and fluffy after mixing. I used my mix master, but noticed you used your thermomix. Do you have any ideas how to rescue this batch? Mine is quite hard still, and not light and fluffy. Is it dangerous to use the essential oil in the mixer bowl of my mix master which is stainless steel? Many thanks Fiona. Regards Robyne, S.A

    1. Hi Robyne,
      Sorry you are having problems with this lotion. I used my kitchen aid stand mixer with the whipping attachment and added the essential oil to the bowl along with the "set" shea butter. With the cold weather my whipped shea butter body lotion has gone a bit harder but it is still really easy to use and melts immediately with contact to the skin. It is fine to use the essential oil in a stainless steele bowl. Does your lotion melt into your skin when you use it?

  4. Yes it does melt Fiona upon contact with hands, but it is quite hard and not light and fluffy like yours. I may try to use a hand held mixer to whip it. If this fails, I may melt it down and go from there!I used the ingredients and brands that you suggested in the article. I won't give up just yet!

  5. I am staring to get motivated to use Shea Butter!


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