A Morning at Morag's

Hello Dear Reader,

I had the absolute pleasure of travelling up to Crystal Waters, near Maleny, last Saturday, for Morag Gamble's "Garden Tour and Tea" morning. Morag's blog is called "Our Permaculture Life" and she truly does live and breathe an holistic, Permaculture life. It was a bit of a hike to get there, but it was really worth it. My sister and I left the Peninsula about 8am and got to Crystal Waters at 10am, just in time to meet our group and Morag at the Crystal Waters Markets. I wish we would have had more time to walk around the markets, although we did get a little walk around in after visiting Morag's garden. It looked like my kind of market with lots of lovely fresh fruit and veg. 

I have been an avid follower of Our Permaculture Life for some time and just love it, it is the life I would love to lead one day. Being surrounded by nature and creating a beautiful abundant garden using Permaculture principles. Crystal Waters is an eco village based on these same Permaculture principles and is just a really beautiful, tranquil place. 

Our group started at the markets, with Morag giving us the history and theory behind Crystal Waters, we then started the short walk up to their garden. All cars must give way to pedestrians and the top speed limit is 40 km an hour. 

There are large corridors of natural bush land

And healthy waterways. The dam is covered in this plant called Azolla. Morag showed us what it looks like about a week after harvesting, it looks like the best rotted down compost ever.

The first glimpse of Morags home and garden

The abundant food forest

Morag in her element, talking about permaculture and her garden

The view from their front verandah

Evan talking about how they built their home, using Permaculture principles

Freshly harvested herbs, fruit and ginger to make tea

They had also prepared a refreshing iced tea for when we first arrived

My sister and I brewed a tea from Buddha's hand, ginger, lemon, lemon myrtle and stevia. It was totally delicious 

Cut lemon, ginger and buddhas hand for brewing tea

Lemongrass and Sacred Basil, also, for brewing tea

This is the garden closest to the kitchen

The well used, and perfectly positioned verandah

Compost bays

The chicken coop is uphill from the compost bays

Our group walking back to the markets 

What a lovely morning we had at Morags garden, after getting back to the market grounds we had a bit of a look around, my sister bought a magnificent pineapple, she said she hasn't tasted a pineapple like it since we were kids! They also had a free salsa dance class going on, so we both got up and had a hoot, dancing around to wonderful rhythmic music. After this we decided to call into Maleny to "Pallet Life" and shared a small plate of sushi and soba noodle salad for a lovely light lunch.

I don't get out much, but this kind of day was just perfect for me. A lovely county drive, walking through a fabulous abundant garden, some wonderful fresh brewed tea, talking with like minded people, a delicious lunch while listening to live music, in a really relaxed place. Just a perfect day.

What does you perfect day look like?


  1. Oh you lucky thing. I love Morag's blog too and her upside down no dig garden was a revelation. Those teas look wonderful too.

  2. Oh, how lovely to spend time with Morag and her garden. Isn't she an inspiration! My perfect day involves slow time out in nature, whether that be in my own garden or on the island I love! I like to just wander, unhurried and with thoughts far from all of our world's challenges, to notice the plants and animals and tides and water. Sigh....


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