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About 10 years ago we went to our first Good Food and Wine Show in Brisbane and it was simply amazing. There was a stunning amount of great food companies and of course row after row of wine makers. We probably went for four years running and then were disappointed one year, as there was so much wine and not enough of the good food, we stopped going. I will always remember my first Good Food and Wine Show as there was so many freebies, give aways, samples and celebrity chefs it was so worth the entry cost.

Any way, that is a long story, about how I discovered this simple but delicious Beef Rendang. We were attracted to the Ayam stall because of the amazing aromas coming from it and also because they were handing out bowls of this delicious curry with steamed rice. What an easy meal it is, just beef, one jar of Ayam Beef Rendang, one can of Ayam coconut milk and some toasted coconut for garnish. The recipe calls for Rump steak but I used the Oyster blade steak I was given to replace some, not so wonderful rib fillet, we bought from "The Meat Truck" at the local Sunday morning Markets, a few weeks ago. The Oyster Blade was quite fatty, so I removed all the visible fat and let it cook for two and a half hours instead of the one hour, stipulated in the original recipe.

I do love all of the Ayam products as there aren't any artificial ingredients or numbers insight and you can clearly taste and smell all the wonderful spices in their curry pastes. The Beef Rending is no exception, with a long list of real and authentic ingredients-toasted coconut, onions, garlic, chilli, ginger, tamarind, cumin, cinnamon, black pepper and cloves. I love that I can buy and use an exceptional product with no nasties. Now on with the recipe.

Ingredients for Easy Beef Rendang
One jar of Ayam Beef Rending, one can of Ayam Coconut milk, 1/4 cup of shredded coconut, toasted, 750 grams of beef (I used a slow cook type of beef)

Remove the lid of the coconut milk and scrape off the thick coating of coconut milk into the frypan, You use this to sauté the curry paste in

Heat a heavy based, non stick pan to medium high and once the coconut milk has stated to bubble add the whole jar of Rendang sauce, scrapping out every last bit from the jar

Sauté until fragrant 

Now add the beef and sauté until nicely browned

Add the can of coconut milk, give it a good stir to incorporate. Pop a lid on and turn the heat down to low. Let blip away for and hour if using Rump steak or up to two and a half hours if using a slow cook type of meat. You may need to top up with water occasionally if cooking for a longer time

Once the meat is, fall apart, tender, garnish with toasted coconut and serve

I served ours with steamed basmati rice, papadums and chutney. Delicious and warming on a cold, mid week, night. 

I know it is a bit of a cheat, using a ready made curry paste, but I love these products, it is easy to open a jar on a week night to make a wonderful, flavourful dinner. I got this curry on by a quarter to five in the afternoon, after work and we were eating by a quarter past seven that night. Of course if you use a more tender meat you can have the curry done in one hour. 

This post is not sponsored, I just love the Ayam products.

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  1. Great tip always love good supermarket reccs to make life easier!


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