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Op Shop Bargains

Thursday, 1 June 2017
Hello Dear Reader,

About once a month I go and have my very short hair trimmed, my Hairdresser has her salon in one of the Redcliffe arcades which leads on to the beachfront. The Redcliffe Beachfront is really a beautiful place and I love to go down there when I have the chance, well, this seems to be the only time I get there. While there, I usually do two other things-have a walk through Bee Gees Way and go to the Salvos Op Shop. I love Op Shopping as you never know what you will find. I was actually on the look out for a new pair of navy work trousers because mine seemed to have shrunk! I couldn't possibly have put weight on, Ha!

Anyway I did get to have a really good look through both the Bee Gees Way and the Op shop and had a lovely time of it. For the first time, ever, I had Bee Gees Way all to myself, I guess it was because it was very early in the day. This unique display covers their life and rise to fame with an amazing array of personal photos from their lives. There is also a huge screen that plays music clips and old movies from their young lives, growing up in Redcliffe. I just love it, can you tell I am a huge fan. I got to meet Barry Gibb when he came out to open the second stage of Bee Gees Way back in 2015.


So, after having a stroll through and taking a video of Bee Gees Way, I went to a little Op Shop in Sutton St, it's a Salvos store and is well run, very clean and they have a great range of stock. This is what I picked up last Saturday.

Two books that look interesting, a micro greens kit, I won't use it like this, but I will use the seeds it came with and plant them out when the time is right, a new cosmetic bag and a wallet. Both my old cosmetic bag and my wallet were looking quite shabby

2 new tops. I am always attracted to black and white. These tops are easy care and comfy

A few new containers, as you can see I have already started using the tall one at the back, perfect for Linguini and the cylindrical container on the right is glass. I love storing food in glass

All for a bargain price of $26.00, not bad at all!

Do you visit Op shops? What has been your best find?

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  1. I looooove op shopping, there is something about the hunt. I'm a bit handy with a sewing machine too so I can alter clothes and repair items that aren't quite right. When you pay $4.50 for items it's hard to shop in a normal store! It also feels good knowing we are recycling and up cycling. Thanks for sharing your bargains x