This Weeks 5 Frugal Things on a Friday

Hello Dear Reader,

And hello winter, Brrr it was cold this morning! I will still ride to work though as it is the only exercise I get and I rug up. Once I am half way to work I am warmed up anyway and usually regret wearing so many layers. Some of us sit outside for our lunch break at work, it gives us a chance to unplug from work for 30 minutes and soak up the warming sun. The staff only area is quite lovely, it is quiet, beautifully landscaped with lovely timber tables and shade sails. It beats sitting in a, "Too small a lunch room, with too many people in it" any day of the week. I bring everything I need to eat my lunch to work with me, as, like with most staff kitchenettes, ours has about a dozen forks and not much else. I made this little cutlery wrap and lunch bag a while ago and I just love them, I use them everyday. So I will make taking my lunch to work everyday, my first frugal thing.

1. Packed my lunch everyday for work. I will take and eat anything from home that needs using up and I'm really not that fussy. Avocado's have been absolutely perfect lately and I love Avocado on toast with salt and pepper, simple and delicious.

I also took a meal that was in the freezer from a while ago, it was still perfect and just hit the spot on a cooler day. Wednesday's lunch was this Pumpkin, Chickpea and Coconut Curry with steamed rice, some sweet red grapes, a cup of peppermint tea and of course my single piece of dark chocolate.

2. I called into Coles last Sunday to pick up two items I had forgotten during last Saturdays grocery shop, I always check out the fresh produce section to see if anything is marked down, and look what I found-a 1 kg of Baby Red Royale Potatoes for $2.60 and a 1 kg bag of brown onions for $1.00

3. Used up six "a bit past it" pears in this divine recipe

4. Went Op shopping for a new pair of work pants but came away with these frugal finds instead

5. Rode to work every day, except yesterday. We had an Allied Health Assistant Forum at Brighton, which is just over the bridge from the Redcliffe Peninsula, but it was a little too far for me to ride, so I drove instead. I try to use the car as little as possible and I like to combine errands, to reduce wasting time and petrol. The AHA Forum was catered for and below is some of the lovely food provided

Morning tea-A scone with jam and cream and my Keepacup with Liquorice tea, bought from home

Lunch-Some lovely sandwiches and wraps with another cup of tea

Your turn, what frugal antics have you been up to?


  1. I picked up some Pears in a mulled wine sauce for 40 cents a packet at Coles last week, they were Australian, I just don't think they sold well. I bought 4 packets, and turned them into a pear crumble for dessert with ice cream, it was lovely! $1.60 for dessert!

    I've saved the syrup, because it wasn't needed in the crumble, and I will reduce it until it is nice and syrupy to put over ice cream!

    1. What a fantastic idea, and it is just perfect weather for a fruit crumble, yum! Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. We do all our own lunches here at home too, Fiona. Saves a fortune! I have been relief teaching a lot lately but had a free day recently where I did some cooking. I made a big pot of beef and veggie stew. That stew has stretched out as pie filling, stew and dumplings, lunches with leftover pasta and stew on sourdough toast. I also made crumble but used some stewed apples I'd frozen ages ago. I adore fruit crumbles! Meg:)


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