This Weeks 5 Frugal Things on a Friday

Hello Dear Reader,

We have had some spectacular rain this week, in fact we have had in excess of 75 ml and I have just been loving it. It means I don't have to stand out in the garden, for over an hour, twice a week, watering from out tanks! Joy. I can't wait to get out into the garden this weekend to see what the magic of rain has done to our fruit and veggies.

Because of the rain, I have had to drive to work, three out of the five days (Monday was fine and this morning looks okay, so far) forgoing my normal frugal mode of transport, my most loved bike. I don't have to ride very far but I always feel better for the small amount of exercise I get everyday. The other frugal thing I have had to forgo this week was line drying the washing, even though we have solar I dislike how much power the dryer uses and I just love the smell of sun dried clothes.

Here is my top 5 frugal things this week-

1. Bought a compost bin for the bargain price of $5.00, can you believe it? My worm farm does a great job at converting fruit and veggie scraps into liquid gold but sometimes they just can't keep up with all the scraps. I have been digging in the blitzed excess scraps into my postage size veggie garden but I am limited with how much I can dig around the established plants. So I went on Gumtree and searched for a compost bin. Talk about perfect timing, only 4 minutes earlier a lovely lady had put up an unwanted, barely used, compost bin for the incredible price of $5.00. We had to drive to McDowell for it, which was about a half hour drive away, but it was so worth it. I will set it up this weekend.

2. Made individual Baked Egg Custards ,as a midweek treat, to use up some milk I had bought at the weekend. I had bought the milk for the milky black tea my Niece likes to drink, when she came for dinner on Sunday evening. No one at home drinks dairy milk and I only buy it to make yoghurt. I will posy this recipe soon.

3. Had leftovers, two nights running, to use up the huge pot of Feijoada I had made for a family dinner on Sunday. The flavour of this dish just got better and better, I didn't need to cook for another two nights and there was no waste. SWEET!

4. Removed the outer leaves of the cabbage that I used for the Feijoada to use in another recipe. This weekend I want to make Cabbage Rolls. My late Mother in law and Gran used to make the best Cabbage Rolls, I will have to go through the old family recipes to see if I have it, I hope so, because all the online recipes I have read so far, don't really look similar. From what I can remember their cabbage rolls recipe used beef mince for the filling and tomato soup for the sauce, there was also batons of celery and carrot in the sauce, I think? Does any one have a similar recipe to this?

5. I had some wilt-y green parts of a few home grown spring onions in the crisper drawer and I didn't want them to go to waste so I freshened them up first by soaking them in ice cold water. I then drained them well on a lint free tea towel, chopped them up and froze them. After about half an hour I took the container out and gave it a shake to separate the chopped spring onion tops. Now I can just grab a handful of spring onions tops to add to dishes whenever they are needed. My home grown spring onions seem to grow very long, with lots of green tops and not too much white.

So, that is my 5 frugal things, whats been happening in your frugal home?

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  1. Fi, those baked custards look so delicious. I can't wait for you to post recipe so I can make them too! Hasn't the rain been wonderful...even if it plays havoc with drying the washing! My five:
    * swapped a lovely lettuce, bag of young spinach leaves + one of my handmade bags for a dozen eggs and a whole big bag of citrus. Win, win!
    * helped my boy make a lemon crumble slice for his class' shared morning tea at school
    * managed to get some washing dry on line in garage and on airing racks.
    * made large trays of pumpkin and silverbeet lasagna and froze most portions - glut of silverbeet in my garden and this is good for using it up!
    * managed to get washing dry on line under house and on racks inside.

    Have a great weekend! Meg:)


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