This Weeks 5 Frugal Things on a Friday

Hello Dear Reader,

How was your week? Mine was okay, just the same as most weeks, home, work, sleep, repeat. We had one outing, on Wednesday night, nothing exciting, just our 6 monthly dental appointment. Not exciting but necessary, keeping my teeth in good working order is really important to me, like most things in life, prevention is the key. On the subject of health I have made an appointment for a medical checkup, now that I have turned fifty. I want to enjoy good health for the rest of my, hopefully long, life and while I enjoy good health now I want to see if there is anything that needs tweaking. 

My darling Mum and Dad retired into ill health which was incredibly sad for all of us. Mum had long standing ill health, starting with a kidney transplant and ending with a massive stroke and Dad contracted viral Cardiomyopathy which ended his life a year before we lost Mum. They were both only in their early 60's when they passed away, which is way too young and I grieve their loss every day. Dad always used to say"Your health is your wealth" and he was so right, if you don't have your health no amount of money will make it right. I guess that is why eating well and getting some exercise everyday is so important to me. Some illnesses are out of our control and occur randomly, but I still want to take care of myself. 

Now on with the frugal stuff-

1. Cut up some, not so wonderful, strawberries and gave them a little love in the form of some icing sugar and vanilla essence. I find sometimes there is a few dodgy strawberries amongst the perfect ones in large packs. Last Saturday at the Northside Discount Fruit Barn they had 3 large boxes of strawberries for $5.00, what a bargain. This weekend I am going to make this dessert for a treat and to use up some of those lovely strawberries. 

2. Made a huge pot of pumpkin soup with a magnificent pumpkin we bought a few weeks ago. I keep the cut pumpkin wrapped in foil to keep it fresh and it lasts for ages. That being said, it was high time to use this particular pumpkin up. This is my favourite recipe to use. It made such a large batch of soup, that we dined off it for 3 nights, a few lunches and a container for the freezer. Talk about economical. 

3. Rode to work everyday. After the heavenly rain of last week kept me from riding to work, I am enjoying my brisk ride to work every morning. I do rug up against the cold but by the time I have reached work I am well and truly warmed up.

4. Line dried all the washing. Same as above, because of the rain last week I had to use the drier quite a bit. I love sun dried washing and as I look after the washing by shaking out all the wrinkles as I hang it up on a hanger or peg it out, there is no ironing! Sweet! I didn't inherit the ironing gene. 

5. Kept the warm up water to keep the fig trees out the front hydrated, even after all that rain they dry out very quickly. If there is one constant in my garden, it is my potted figs at our front door. They are over 20 years old and have been repotted into bigger pots three times now. They seem to be very hardy and pest resistant. We give them a trim every now and then to keep their height down, in fact looking at them now, they are well overdue for a cut back. 

How was your week? What frugal stuff did you achieve this week?


  1. Hi Fiona
    I looked back at your strawberry dessert recipe and noticed you had trouble with it sticking to the dish. I have a suggestion you might like to try. refrigerate your dish well then coat it with some barely melted butter. Refrigerate again till hard. This will give you a thick coat and should prevent it sticking. I learnt this simple trick in the hospitality industry.

    1. Hi Sandra,
      What a fab tip, thank you so much, will be trying it on Sunday.

  2. That pumpkin soup looks delicious, Fiona. As do those strawberries! I love that your butcher will put your meat into containers you bring from home. Wonderful saving on plastic! My son is on school holidays, we've celebrated a birthday and gotten through a big procedure at the dentist to deal with a cracked tooth (Thank goodness we have Private Health Insurance because we only paid half of the quoted cost.)Here's my five this week:

    * a lovely home-cooked chicken & snow pea stir fry for a birthday dinner. Snow peas from our garden
    * made an orange and yoghurt cake with citrus given to us by a friend. No icing sugar so I made some from raw sugar in the Thermomix.
    * eating soups and lasagna portions from freezer
    * Low key school holiday fun with no expensive outings - just playing here at home, taking our dog to the park and seeing friends to kick footy with.
    * Keeping warm with extra blankets and winter doonas rather than using a heater.

    Have lovely weekend. Meg:)

    1. Wonderful frugal things, thanks Meg, have a lovely weekend too.


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