This Weeks 5 Frugal Things on a Friday

Hello Dear Reader,

I have had a lovely week, this past week, in that I only worked four days, I had Wednesday off as an accrued day off and it was fantastic. Having that day in the middle of the week really broke the week up, I got so much done and also had some down time. Lovely Hubby and I went shopping for new hiking shoes for when we go on our "Trip of a Lifetime" in four weeks time. All the camping stores that are close by were advertising greatly reduced specials on all their gear including footwear and as we want to be as active as possible on this holiday we both needed good strong and comfortable footwear. Unfortunately the most comfortable hiking shoes that I tried on were not on special but I really feel I need something comfortable on my feet so I won't end up with sore feet. I am going to really try and pack lightly for this trip as previously I have taken items of clothing "just in case" and have never worn them. So I want to be really savvy when I pack this time.

On the food front, the Shepherdess Pie I made on Sunday was a hit and it also made a huge quantity. We had it for three nights, multiple lunches and I also froze some for lunches on the weekend. I will definitely make it again but maybe I will halve the recipe next time. I think a good place to start with saving money is to have a few meatless meals during the week, meat is expensive, even the cheaper cuts, so going meat free for a few nights certainly cuts down your grocery bill.

1. I will make this Shepherdess pie my first frugal thing, it made a huge quantity, it was meat free and everyone loved it. A true frugal dinner.

2. I made two loaves of bread. I made plain white bread on Friday night, as I didn't have any Rye flour left (I picked it up on Saturday) They were nice but not as lovely as the light Rye bread I usually make.

3. Picked up some marked down produce on Tuesday afternoon at my local Coles Supermarket. Tuesday afternoon from about 4pm seems to be when they mark a lot of their produce down

4. Made another batch of Bentonite Clay Toothpaste. I just love this toothpaste, it gets your teeth really squeaky clean, leaves your whole mouth fresh and I think it tastes wonderful. I am now using 5 drops each of Peppermint Essential oil and 5 drops of "Digestzen" Essential Oil from doTERRA to flavour the toothpaste. The Bentonite Clay is super fine so it polishes the teeth as you brush.

5. Made a beautiful fresh salad from ingredients already in the house. On Monday I discovered I didn't have enough potatoes to see me out the week and as I didn't want to make an evening dash to the supermarket, I made this delightful salad. 

So that sums up my frugal week. How was your week on the frugal front?

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