A Day Out at LeFestival

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My sister and I have a love affair with all things French, the food, especially, so when my sister told me she had tickets for "LeFestival" I was so excited. She was given the tickets by the Australian distributer of "St Dalfour", she had contacted him regarding a product she had a concern with, nothing too worrying, just the different colour and texture of the Salmon in one of their "Healthy French Bistro" products. He was appreciative of the feedback and encouraged her to write an email to the company in France, which she did. The other concern she had was, that they had recently changed the packaging from tins to glass jars. She uses the, exceptional quality, ready to eat meals, to take with her when traveling and the thought of glass jars of food while travelling worried her.

Her worries and concerns were allayed and she is now quite happy to use the glass jarred meals for convenience while travelling. We used the tinned "Healthy French Bistro" ready to eat meals, while we were in Norfolk Island last year, for the Ballroom Dancing Week, they were so wonderful to have as a quick and nutritious lunch with fresh bread and butter or tossed in an omelette for a filling breakfast before heading out the door to dance our legs off.

So, with free tickets in hand, we headed into Southbank to enjoy a wonderful sunny day of all things French. It was a huge and well organised event with an incredible amount of stalls of anything to do with France. We even sat in on a French Language Lesson, what a hoot. The gentleman who organised the free tickets had his stall there, the St Dalfour stall was full of beautiful quality products like fruit spread, preserves and of course, the Healthy French Bistro range, he even gave us a few items to take home with us, so very kind and so passionate about his products.

We both caught the train into Southbank and because it was Sunday and we used our Go Cards the fair was minimal for a great day out. The weather was perfect, in fact, I had to take off my big coat I wore and throw my scarf around my head and neck to protect myself from the hot midday sun, I was going for a Parisian look, not sure if I pulled it off though.

We enjoyed a wonderful lunch of Escargot and a Cheesy Potato Dish, now when I say cheesy, I mean this dish had chunks of three different kinds of cheese melted over divine roasted potato chunks with herbs and garlic to finish the dish. I can't remember the name of it but, oh my, it was such a delicious lunch, enjoyed while listening to an, oh so French, Band.

There was so much on offer at the different stalls, everything from exquisite but very expensive table linen and wares, Laguiole cutlery sets (the prices were eye watering) French books and homewares, even travel agents that specialise in travel to France. It was very well attended and it seemed like every second person bought their dog along, every variety of dog was there and it was lovely to see such beautifully looked after four legged family members out for the day with their owners.

Every kind of French inspired food was there, here is just a sample of what was on offer that day. 

We sampled our way through the market, the quality of the products was just wonderful, artisan wares made with passion. 

Have a lovely Wednesday.

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  1. What a lovely day out to share with your sister, Fiona. Wonderful food! Meg:)


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