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As you may know by now, I am not a shopper. I would rather be at home being productive than in a supermarket or shopping centre. However, there are times when I like to look through a, new to me, shop, like this one, the "Golden Circle Factory Outlet". Last Saturday I had to go up to Morayfield (about a 30 minute drive away) to pick up some bulk Rye flour and as this shop was just one block away from Simply Good, I decided to go in and have a look around. The amount of stock is amazing, very well set out and the price of everything is very clearly marked. There is also lots of bulk buys that bring the price per item down.

Golden Circle is the name of a pineapple cannery which was opened in 1947 at Northgate, about a 40 minutes drive from Redcliffe. It is still going strong today, with a huge range of tinned fruit and veggies, juices and cordials. 

There were lots of items that I simply don't use but also a few that I do. Probably my best buy was rolls of compostable rubbish bags. I had bought a roll of something similar from Biome and they cost me a small fortune, these however, were only $1.50 for a roll of 10, very good value indeed. 

The small shop front belies the vastness of the store inside.

Everything is bought in and sold off pallets

Above is a whole isle of every variety of Baked Beans you can imagine.

Canned lentils and beans were 3 cans for $3.00

The first isle is lollies and nuts. The nuts were very good value for money

The opposite side of the first isle is tea, coffee and hot chocolate.

The prices on the nuts were very good

We don't drink milk but I do use it in cooking and for making yoghurt so I bought 4 x 1 litres of this Organic UHT milk.

Every variety of cordial and fruit juice you can imagine

Bottles of probiotic, rice flour, bicarb, cream of tartar and baking soda, I am not too sure if these are good prices or not

Honey, lemon and lime juices and a huge range of marinated olives

The chip isle

Muesli and nut bars. I had actually seen an ad in the local paper advertising these "Be Natural" bars for the very good price of $1.00 for a pack of 5. This was one item I did buy

Pasta sauces and Pasta

Biscuits and snacks

Plastic containers and paper plates and plastic cutlery

Drink bottles and cooking oils

Toilet cleaners, disinfectant, bleach and washing powder

Napisan, Finish dishwashing tablets and Cuddly fabric softener

Every kind of spray cleaner you could think of

There was a huge variety of toiletries and personal care items

Body wash, toothbrushes and plastic bags

So, what did I buy? 

I bought-5 x tins of different flavours beans, 6 x tins of flavoured tuna, 4 x boxes of Be Natural bars, 2 x Vita Wheat biscuits, 8 x rolls of compostable rubbish bags, 1 bottle of Soy sauce, a jar of roasted capsicum, 1 tin of Massel Chicken Stock powder, a pack of "green" sponge/scourer, a kilo of dates, 4 x litres of Organic UHT milk and 3 x rolls of non slip matting (for work)

After a bit of deliberating, I went back in and purchased the milk. I am hoping it will be okay to make yoghurt from.

They also have a huge variety of frozen foods like family and single size lasagna's, frozen sausage rolls and meat pies which looked like good value. I am sure there was a lot more that I simply have forgotten. The Golden Circle Factory Outlet get new stock in 3 times a week and have a huge turnover, one of the lovely shop assistants advice was, if you saw something that you liked, stock up because the chances of it still being available the following week, was slim. 

What would you have bought in such a store?

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  1. What a huge variety of products! Lots of bargains by the looks. I would probably have brought home some of the nuts as we snack on them, bake with them and I make my own nut meals and nut butters in the Thermomix. Have a happy Monday! Meg:)


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