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Hello Dear Reader,

Simply good, could mean many things, but today I want to showcase this little business called "Simply Good".  It's not too far away from me, at Morayfield, and it is where I buy the Rye flour from, to make my home made bread. It has proved the test of time and it is such a popular place with good reason. Everything is in bulk containers, meaning you can buy as much or as little as you need. I love that I can bring in my own containers to fill, cutting down the amount of single use plastic bags used. The variety of produce is staggering and the shop is laid out logically and presently cleanly and professionally.

My container of Rye flour. I only use a cup and a half for each double size loaf I make. It makes one huge or two smaller loaves and easily lasts us a week.

I didn't get a discount, that is how they work out the cost of the container and then subtract it from the total

Looking down the first isle, from the front door, flours, cereals, nuts and nibbles and chocolates, oh, and a surprised shop keeper. She was totally fine with me taking photos.

The last time I visited this great little business was just before Christmas, I bought everything I would need for Christmas baking, some dried chickpeas and a big container of Rye flour, well that flour has lasted me until just last week. Unfortunately, when I visited last time, I forgot all the little containers I would need for the bits and bobs I bought for the Christmas baking and I was so upset with myself for forgetting them.

Their website has all the products that they sell as well as the current price so you can see if it is worth the trip. 

Flours, wheat and Himalayan salt

A huge variety of spice all available in bulk

Rice, tea , coffee and sugars
Raw nuts and seeds

More flours

I love to shop like this, in bulk, choosing how much I need and with the choice of bringing in my own containers. Do you have one of these types of store near you? Have a lovely Sunday.

This post is not sponsored and all opinions are my own, I just love the place.


  1. Wow! I would love something like this! We have a co-op an hour away that has many bins, but nothing like this! Bin envy, here!

  2. What a great set up! I source many ingredients from bulk bins in a couple of the shops I visit regularly. I love that I can take my own containers and little produce bags and come home with next to no plastic. Meg:)

  3. We have a similar shop here called the daily scoop. They are a non plastic store and provide paper bags to put your products in. They also dispense cleaning and personal care products from bulk containers into class jars that you bring back in for refill. They also grind their own but butter daily in store and do mixes.


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