What we bought, spent and ate this week

Hello Dear Reader,

As I mentioned yesterday, I made another dish that just kept on giving this week, which meant, again, that I didn't do a lot of cooking this week. Sweet! It looks like it has become a bit of a habit lately, making a big portion of a meal that lasts and lasts. Lucky we are not that picky and are happy to eat the same thing over and over, even for lunches as well. That dish was this Shepherdess Pie, loaded with Puy lentils and veggies and topped off with piles of creamy, buttery mashed potato. Just perfect for the cooler weather.

The total spent on groceries this week was a little higher than usual as I went to pick up my bulk Rye flour for making bread and I also went to a new shop I hadn't been before. It is called Golden Circle Factory Outlet and it was amazing. I did buy quite a few grocery items that I thought were really great value for money and will definitely shop there again. I am going to do a post on this fantastic place soon.
What we bought
Meat from Marjax Meats, Rothwell. They are happy to put the meat in containers I bring in from home

Fruit, veg, milk (for making yoghurt) and eggs from Rothwell Discount Fruit Barn

Marked down produce from Coles on Tuesday afternoon

Shopping from the Golden Circle Factory Outlet

3 1/2 kgs of Rye flour for home made bread

What we spent
Aldi-Not pictured-Coffee Pods, Vinegar, Cream Cheese Block, Blueberries and Raspberries-$21.85
Woolworths-Not pictured-Pureharvest Cocoquench and Pappadums-$4.50
Coles-Marked down produce plus cream on Tuesday afternoon-$10.44
Marjax Meats Rothwell-$48.85
Rothwell Discount Fruit Barn-$31.60
Golden Circle Factory Outlet-$50.25
Simple Good Morayfield-$17.11 for 3 1/2 kg's of Rye Flour

What we ate
Saturday-I was the only one home for dinner so I had a simple cheese toasty, it was divine

Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday-An epic Shepherdess Pie that kept on giving, all week long

Monday-Pan Fried Snapper with a Quinoa, Roast Pumpkin and Broccoli Salad

Wednesday-Chicken Curry with steamed basmati rice, papadums and chutney

Friday-Garlic Prawns with Fettuccini, Parsley and Parmesan

As we had so many meals from the Shepherdess Pie, I still have a lot of meat left over from last week, so this coming week we will spend less on groceries, I think.  

I hope to get most of the weekend jobs out of the way early so I can spend some time in the sewing room, quilting. Thank you for reading and have a lovely weekend.

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