What's Growing in my Garden in July

Hello Dear Reader,

Sweet Cherry Peppers, I will pickle these, using My Mums Pickling Vinegar recipe

It has been a while since I last posted about what is growing in my garden, in fact the last post I did about this subject was way back in April, this is mainly because, not a lot is going on. I seem to have periods of time when I am always out there, everyday, watering, tidying or potting things on and then, during the colder months, I just lose my passion for growing things and just barely manage to keep things alive, like right now. With shorter days, by the time I think to go outside and do a few things the sun is starting to set, with the cooler night air coming in, pottering in the garden is the last thing I feel like doing.

I have four lovely little Pomegranates on our tree at the moment, this is what last years crop looked like

We had some really strong winds here, last Tuesday, and it blew over three of the larger fruit trees I have at the side of the house. Because they are getting quite tall and top heavy, I guess the wind just tossed them over.  They are all looking a bit sad as I really haven't been keeping the water up to them and the Panama Berry is looking very spindly, I will have to google it and find out when the right time is to prune it back. The other fruit trees I have growing are a Japoticaba, a Grumichama and Lychee 

Our Veggie Pod has just exploded with wonderful Perennial Coriander, Bok Choy, Choy Sum, Mustard Green and Surinam Spinach, thriving in the rich soil, the veggie pod has a wicking system so the soil is always nice and moist. We dug out and replaced the potting mix about 3 months ago, when I did this, I potted out heaps of Perennial Coriander plants to give away and replanted 4 of them, repositioned the surinam spinach and scattered some asian greens seeds around, what a difference healthy soil makes.

Every now and then, a plant of some sort will just come up by itself, usually in the gravel, next to the paths, which, I think would be the most infertile ground a plant could grow in, I just leave the plant to it, to see what happens. At the moment there is a really healthy Red Paw Paw tree growing in the gravel next to the shed (I really have to move it soon) and many succulents that have self sown as well. I also have a rogue strawberry plant that has come up in the veggie garden, I am just ignoring it because, sure as eggs, the moment I start fussing over it, it will turn up its toes. The other plant that has self sown is a tomato plant, it is so healthy and again I am sure if I intervene it will not go well. 

The rogue Red Paw Paw tree, I will have to move it soon

The rogue strawberry plant, it just came up from nowhere 

I am pretty sure this is a Bellino tomato bush, which I have grown before, again, I probably should dig it out and pot it on

I do have some success with certain plants, like the hardy rosemary bush which just keeps giving, the pineapple plants I grew from bought pineapple tops, our amazing passionfruit vine that is so vigorous and gives us about 3 or 4 super full and sweet passionfruit a day, the comfrey which is so lovely and healthy, my absolute favourite tree, the lemon myrtle tree is thriving and the Red Paw Paw tree in the veggie garden has been giving us some beautiful fruit just lately. So I do have some successes. 

My prolific Rosemary bush

Healthy Pineapples, all in a row

The passionfruit vine covers two sides of the verandah

The leaves on this side are starting to brown and fall off

The plant on the left is a Fiddle Leaf Fig tree. I bought a tiny seedling back with me from when we stayed at Runaway to Maleny for our 29th Wedding anniversary last year. You can see in the photo below, they had these lovely trees as indoor plants and there were little tiny baby plants that had come up in the pots. So I very gently (and very cheekily) dug out two, only one survived and now look at it, almost one year on.

A while ago I started a little experiment to see if I could grow an avocado tree from seed, below is how it started off and also what it looks like now, again it would probably more healthy if I potted it on and gave it some more water.

Here is the method I used

And what the little tree looked like yesterday. I had to spray it with white oil a while ago as it was being attacked by aphids, grrr! I seem to get every bug and disease under the sun in my garden.

So thats an update on what is and what isn't happening in my garden, how is you garden growing at the moment?

Have a lovely Sunday


  1. Your rosemary really has taken off beautifully. I think the passionfruit tree would be my favourite . Fresh passionfruit - just the thought makes my mouth water.
    Your have a healthily looking garden with plenty of variety.
    Well done with the avocado tree so far.

    1. Hi Kylie,
      Sometimes I feel like a complete failure, gardening wise, I have so many flops, but then I look around at what has succeeded and then I feel a bit better. I think maybe my future grandchildren may enjoy some avocados from the little tree, it really was just a bit of fun, just to see if it worked. Have a lovely day.

  2. Hi Fiona
    It's so interesting to read your post - you are growing fruit I haven't even heard of. We have just picked a bumper crop of plums from our tree - this is quite early for the plums to be ripe. Gooseberries and blackcurrants are waiting to be picked when I can. The rest of the garden is blooming really well because of the alternate blazing sun and heavy rain we have been having. Lots of work needed out there so I feel under a bit of pressure with it. Thanks for the tour of your garden.

    1. Hi Penny,
      You are so lucky to be growing plums, gooseberries and blackcurrants, where do you live? I always say gardening is not for wimps! It is plain hard work. Have a wonderful day.

    2. Hi Fiona
      I live in the south of England so soft fruit like raspberries, blackcurrants etc are ideal for our climate.Keeping up with it all is a challenge but home grown fruit is great. Hope you have a wonderful holiday.

    3. Thanks Penny, only 3 more sleeps. Have a lovely day.


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