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Slow Cooker Pork and Beans with Chorizo

Monday, 4 September 2017
Hello Dear Reader,

With winter officially over for another year, I thought it may not be long until we won't be craving warm meals and as I had some pork shoulder already in the freezer, leftover from cooking this dish, I thought I would have a go at a "Pork and Beans" slow cooker recipe. I found quite a few recipes I liked and then took the best from each and combined them into this recipe. As you probably know by now, I love my slow cooker, big time, I think they are just the best appliance ever invented. Chuck everything in, press play and dinner is done. Okay, so some times it is not that easy, but slow cooker recipes are usually pretty easy.

There are two schools of thought about what to do with the meat for the slow cooker-to brown or not to brown?I think browning your meat really does add depth of flavour and I also think it stops the meat from shrinking and disappearing into the sauce, I always keep the meat pieces quite big for this very reason. 

Ingredients for Slow Cooker Pork and Beans with Chorizo, clockwise from top left-
750 gram of pork, I used boned shoulder, cut into large pieces, 1 1/2 cups of chicken stock, salt and pepper to taste, a can of cannellini beans, drained and rinsed, 1 can of diced tomatoes, a good handful of parsley, chopped, a few stalks of celery, preferably from the heart of the celery with leaves, 1 onion, 3 cloves garlic, grated on a microplane, 1 heaped tablespoon of tomato paste, 450 gram of chorizo (I use the Aldi brand) sliced into 2 cm chunks

Dry the pork on paper towel and salt and pepper both sides

Sear in a heavy based, non stick fry pan with a little oil, until golden brown on both sides, remove meat and put into the bottom of the slow cooker bowl. Do not wipe out the fry pan

Meanwhile finely chop onion and grate garlic

And finely chop the celery

Sauté the onion and garlic in a little oil, scraping up all the meaty goodness from the pan as you go

Now add the celery, tomato paste and 1/2 cup of the chicken stock

Sauté until celery has softened and tomato paste is cooked through

Add celery and onion mixture to the slow cooker bowl along with the can of diced tomatoes, rest of the chicken stock and chopped chorizo

Give everything a really good mix

And cook on low for 8 hours, adding the drained and rinsed cannellini beans in the last hour. Just before serving, sprinkle over the chopped parsley, I kinda forgot to do it!

The meat is fall apart tender and the flavour of the chorizo has melted into the gorgeous sauce. This is a lovely heart and body warming meal. Make it now before it gets too hot!

I found this recipe to be quite economical, very easy and yummy, I think it is very family friendly, even if the little ones don't eat the chorizo, (It can be a bit spicy) it is so packed full of simple flavours.

Do you brown your meat before putting it into the slow cooker? What do you think is the best method?

Have a marvellous Monday😀



  1. Oh yummo! I do brown my meat as it does add more flavour however occasionally I do throw everything in without browning due to time. I love my slow cooker too. My son calls it the slop cooker ��. I have been known to use it in the summer as well.

    1. I had a really good laugh at "the slop cooker" so funny 😂 I try and always brown the meat as well, for the same reasons, although I just made a wonderful beef Stroganoff without browning the meat first and it was delicious.

  2. I like to brown meat before making any casserole, whether it be for the dutch oven or the slow cooker, like you say it add's flavour, but it also adds a gorgeous colour, the meat can look a little anaemic without browning it. You are spot on with larger pieces of meat I have learnt that the meat stays moist if it's bigger, for that reason I never buy precut/diced meat like they sell in packets at Coles, it's always way too small and shrinks even further when cooked.

    1. So true Cheryl, I use big chunks of meat in the slow cooker so at least you can see a piece of meat in the sauce at the end of cooking. I don't always brown the meat, it is worth the extra time and effort though.

  3. I don't always brown the meat before adding it to the slow cooker, but mostly I do. There is so much difference in flavour, you just can't get the depth of flavour without browning the meat first.

  4. If I have time I prefer to brown the meat first. I toss the meat pieces in seasoned flour and then brown them - I think the flavour is better and the flour helps thicken the sauce. Sometimes life is just too busy and I fling everything in and switch on - at least its still home cooked from scratch.