How to Make Divine, Silky Scrambled Eggs

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My darling Mum used to make Scrambled Eggs for us, often for lunch or Sunday Dinner, she would always add chopped parsley and serve it with warm buttered toast, we loved it. It didn't occur to me to make them any differently, until I knew better. Which is how we learn a new skill, isn't?

We had some outstanding scrambled eggs while on holiday in Alaska last year, they were barely cooked with smoked salmon gently mixed through the silky golden folds of egg. I asked how they got them to be so velvety and the lovely waitress asked the chef for me. He simply said, add cream, melt butter, pour beaten eggs and cream into the middle of the pan, as they cook, scoop and crumble in the edges until just cooked. So that is exactly what I do now. The most important thing is NOT to flip the cooked side to the top and visa versa, that way you will avoid dry scrambled eggs.

This is enough for 2 hungry people and I feel you get the best results doing smaller batches rather than doubling the recipe. 

Ingredients for Divine, Silky Scrambled Eggs, clockwise from to right-
4 eggs, 1 tablespoon of butter (20 grams) 1 tablespoon cream and a light grind of salt for grinding over at the end

In a bowl crack the eggs and add the cream

Whisk the eggs and cream, but don't over do them

Melt the butter in a large, non stick, heavy based frypan on medium heat

And pour the egg mixture into the centre of the pan, this will push the melted butter right to the edges, preventing eggs from sticking to pan

Let egg mixture cook for 30 seconds or until the edges are just starting to set

Now, start swizzling the edges with a soft flexible spatula, like drawing in the edges of a soft quilt

Keep swizzling (not flipping) until the top is just about cooked, this takes no more than 2-3 minutes. The eggs will keep cooking once off the heat so it is better to be just under than just over

Don't delay getting them on the plate, grind over the salt and also pepper if you wish

Just set, divine, silky, Scrambled Eggs. I love ours with Vegemite Toast, Smashed Avocado and sweet chilli sauce.

Scrambled eggs are the most simple thing you could ever cook, they are brilliant at any time of day and very quick to put together. If you've had a bad experience with Scrambled Eggs, give this method a go, I think you will love them.

Over to you, how do you make your Scrambled Eggs? What's your favourite topping/addition?

Have a terrific Tuesday.


  1. Scrambled eggs were the first thing I ever cooked. I can't recall exactly how old I was, maybe around 10-12, old enough to be safe with a stove, I had a "My First Cookbook" which gave detailed colourful picture instructions, with as few words as possible to make it easy to follow (I had that book for years, but I think I decluttered and donated it some years back, probably shouldn't have) anyway I made them for my mum for Mother's Day, and served them to her for breakfast in bed! Poor mum, in hindsight they would have been overcooked, rubbery and dry LOL, because I whisked and whisked and whisked with a fork while they cooked until they were little lumps of egg...but that's how people were taught to scramble eggs in those days!

    I've since learned better methods, and I've been making them as you've posted for a few years now, I saw Maggie Beer make them this way, and I haven't looked back. I don't always have cream in the fridge, so I will use a splash of milk as a substitute if I need to.

  2. I am usually fairly happy with my scrambled eggs but I can see the value of not turning the cooked eggs over too much so I am going to give this 'gentler' method a go. We love scrambled eggs particularly for those too tired to cook days.

  3. I love scrambled eggs. Once I started making them with cream I could never go back.

  4. I'm home alone tonight so that is dinner sorted. I love scrambled eggs!


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