Sunny Side Up Sunday

Hello Dear Reader,

When I was young I was terrified of storms, we lived in Gympie and in those days, summer would go like this-

Stinking hot day
Huge storm at night 

I can vividly remember being woken one night by a huge storm (in my young eyes it was a big storm, probably no worse than usual) I spent a very long time frozen in fear, even too frightened to wake my sister, not 2 meters from me.

Well, what a difference age makes, I am now fascinated by storms and think nothing of going for a walk while a storm is brewing. Today I am grateful for time and maturity that seems to overcome most fears.

Over to you, how do you feel about storms? What fear have you overcome?

Have a lovely day

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  1. I took some photos of the storm clouds that came over the ridge here yesterday afternoon. Lots of rumbling thunder and lightning off in the distance to the north too. Very little rain out of it though. We'll see what today brings. Meg:)

    1. Hi Meg, we finally got some rain, only about 1/2 an hours worth but so very welcomed. Just heading out to the garden now to weed, have a lovely day. Fi

  2. I love a good storm particularly if I am snug in bed and can hear it rumbling around and rain beating down. I am convinced I can tell when a summer electrical storm is coming by the way my head aches and is relieved when the storm breaks.

  3. Hi Penny, I wonder what it is that causes your head to ache when a storms approaching? Maybe something to do with negative ions in the atmosphere? Yesterday afternoon we finally got some welcomed relief from this crazy heat we’ve been having, as I type this, this morning, it is lovely and cool. Have a lovely day. Fi


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