This Weeks 5 Frugal Things on a Friday

Hello Dear Reader,

I have been doing a lot of reading both on line and actual books, the online info I have been reading for inspiration, is all about how to live a frugal and simple life and the books I am reading are my new recipe books I was given at Christmas time. I received the new Nigella and Jamie Oliver cook books and I bought the new Matt Preston one for myself. I love nothing more than getting into bed early and flipping through a recipe book, I read them like a novel, weird? I don't know if I am strange, but it floats my boat.

I am back at work after a little one week holiday, we didn't go anywhere, I just stayed at home and got on with some cleaning and de-cluttering, I know a bit boring, but again, it is what makes me happy, simple things.

This is my frugal list for this week-

1. I made a new apron for myself using an old, most loved, but almost worn out, apron as a pattern. I bought the material from JJ's for $4.00 a meter which was plenty for one apron. I made a bigger pocket to make it more practical. The material is not quite black and not quite dark navy and is what I would call a cotton drill, I am hoping it washes okay, if so, I am going to buy some more material and make another one.

It looks a little washed out, but it is the lighting. My sewing machine has a monogram function on it and this is the first time I have used it. It's a bit wonky, maybe a swatch of material at the back would reinforce it and stop it from puckering. Anyway it's just a bit of fun really.

1a. While I was in the sewing room I finally finished the other cutlery wrap that I had cut out ages ago, this one is for my darling sister. She is one busy woman but always makes sure she eats well even when she is out for the day. I think she will love this little addition to her lunch pack.

2. I finally used the Enduro Shield products on the shower recesses, holy moly, it was a big job but much cheaper than getting a professional to do it. I had bought these products from Aldi ages ago fully intending to use them straight away but when I cleaned out under the kitchen sink on Monday I re-discovered them hiding there. So, on Tuesday I tackled the huge job of cleaning the glass, tiles and grout to an inch of their lives and applying the Enduro Shield products. I am happy with the outcome, not thrilled, but happy enough. The problem is the age of the glass and also the damaging products I have used in the past. The water, does indeed bead and trickle down the glass and tiles, and I have been using a squeegee straight after a shower to remove the excess water. I am hoping it will cut down the cleaning time of the showers. Has anyone else tried these products? How did your showers turn out?
3. Packed my lunch yesterday and today, as I am back at work, ho hum!

4. Line dried all the washing, again we haven't had any rain and the pot plants are crying out for a drink, I will try and get to that job early tomorrow morning.

5. Fed all the kitchen scraps to the compost bin and worm farm, I am so chuffed with how the compost bin is going, lots of worm activity when I turn it over. I am feeding it lots of dry/carbon products as well, to even out the mix, things like, egg cartons, shredded paper and dockets, used paper kitchen towel and the wrappers and inner tubes to our "Who Gives a Crap" toilet paper.

I would love to hear your frugal and fun ideas, you can click the speech bubble at the end of this post to add your frugal list.

Have a fab Friday.

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  1. I have to "feed" my compost some dry brown material today too, Fiona. Need to keep it all balanced! ON the frugal front, I have almost finished stitching a little hoop wall hanging for a close friend's birthday and I made a couple of handmade cards too. I found a little second-hand corner tv cabinet on gumtree for $50 that will be good enough for the much bigger tv we inherited from our friends who moved overseas. It won't fit in our old cabinet and I didn't want to pay hundreds $$$ for a new one. Lots of butter beans coming out of the garden so I'm hoping to find a bean salad I can make with those. Picking a fresh cucumber from the garden every day now too - perfect cooling snacks in this hot weather. I'm making iceblocks today too for the weekend scorchers they are predicting and I will also bake my son's birthday cake ready for the big day next week. I'll make the icing sugar I need for that in my Thermomix. No need to buy a packet of it. Have a great weekend. Stay cool! Meg:)

    1. Hi Meg, that’s a great frugal list, so many lovely projects on the go. I am so over this heat, my garden is desperate for water but I don’t think there is anything on the horizon. Have a lovely weekend.

  2. You've just reminded me that I want to set up a compost bin in 2018. Rather than put scraps in our green bin (which is collected fortnightly and absolutely pongs by the end of that time), I have been scattering it in our little side paddock. I figure that birds will eat veggie scraps, stale bread etc. If I had a compost bin, it would have a home to go to and I'd end up with some compost to throw on my garden...

    1. Hi Joolz, compost bins are just such a great addition to the garden, I am a complete novice but so far the compost is looking and smelling great( like a rainforest) the best tips I can give you are - turn it every time you feed it, feed it a ratio of about 60/40 carbon and green waste, water after turning and feeding it and top off with some mulch/straw or even shredded paper. Good luck, oh and look in the free ads or gumtree for one, I picked mine up for $10, bargain of the century😊have a lovely weekend.


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