What we bought, spent and ate this week

Hello Dear Reader,

As I mentioned yesterday we have had a welcomed change in temperature and now have had some amazing rain, the plants are loving it, as am I. The seemingly unrelenting Summer has finally let go and we are enjoying some cooler weather. Bring it on, is all I can say.

With this coming weeks menu, I have already changed gears to more warming meals that will warm our hearts and bolster our bodies. Food is pivotal in my life, as you have probably already gathered, new recipes are always welcomed as are my tried and true recipes from that I have written about in this blog. Making and eating good food makes me happy, it's as simple as that.

Yes, I probably could trim the grocery budget but it is where I choose to invest money to make sure we are eating good food, every day. I don't spend money in other areas of my life, I rarely by new clothes, makeup, skincare, shoes, "stuff" and trinkets for our home, they just don't bring me joy, but good food, does. I know we are truly blessed to have this choice.

Now on with what we bought, spent and ate this week-

What we bought
Shopping from Northside Discount Fruit Barn


Aldi, again

Chicken from Marjax Meats, they will fill containers I bring in from home, to save using single use plastic bags

What we spent
Northside Discount Fruit Barn-$40.05
Marjax Meats-$19.85

TOTAL-$94.82, well under budget!!
What we ate
Saturday-an old favourite of ours, simply called "Mince and Egg" our son had bought 500 grams of mince during the week, that he hadn't used, so I used it in this dish

Monday-Tempura Whiting with steamed basmati rice and bok choy, we caught this whiting last week at Noosa North Shore, there is nothing like fresh fish

Wednesday-Prawn Stir fry

Thursday and Friday-Cheesy Chicken, Quinoa and Black Bean Bake with steamed broccoli

Over to you, Dear Reader, what do you choose to spend money on? What is important to you?

Have a lovely day


  1. I see healthy eating as an investment really, in one's good health and wellbeing. So many health issues and problems, which drain wellbeing, happiness and money, stem from poorer nutrition. I think eating fresh, minimally processed and homemade foods is such a protective factor. I recognise though that, for some people in our communities, the cost of food and access to fresh food, can be a real barrier to good health in their lives. Meg

  2. Hi Meg,
    Too true, sometimes I think we take access to fresh food for granted, we are truly blessed and lucky. It truly is an investment in your health and ultimately your quality of life. Enjoy the rain,

  3. After last week's massive budget blow out, (weekly shop $377.87, $127.87 over budget) I redeemed myself this week by only spending $117.98, which is $132.02 UNDER budget!

    I guess we'll call this a case of swings and roundabouts LOL. But I couldn't have done it without a good pantry/freezer stockpile, and that is exactly why I have one. There are always going to be weeks and months where things are financially tight, and knowing meals can be made from what is on hand (and it was bought when it was on sale) is a big relief to me. I'm no dooms day prepper, but I have a good supply of tinned and other products "on standby" for just such occasions.

    1. Hi Cheryl,
      I popped on over and had a looky see at your lovely birthday celebrations, so worth the "blow out", so many happy faces and your table looked so beautiful.
      I use that phrase all the time "swings and roundabouts" I think the original saying went something like "what you lose on the swings, you gain on the roundabouts". I can definitely see the benefits of having a stockpile for when times are leaner, it makes total sense. Have a lovely evening,

  4. I buy good food too and am working hard at reducing processed foods in our home. Other things I am willing to spend money on are books( second hand if possible) and good shoes. I don't spend money on gadgets, music streaming, TV channels, manicures etc.

    1. Hi Penny,
      Good, fresh, simple food is a wise investment, there is too much processed food lining our supermarket shelves, just silly stuff, full of numbers and way too much plastic packaging and I must also agree with good shoes, I have a love affair with flat sensible shoes, my feet thankfully are fuss free. And books, also a wonderful thing to spend money on, second hand or otherwise. Love your choices. Have a lovely evening,


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