Sunny Side Up Sunday

Hello Dear Reader,

Today I am thankful for my work uniform. I never need to think of what I am going to wear that day, they are easy care (read no ironing) comfortable and very practical. Looking back over my working life, I have always had a uniform, my first job was a Pharmacy Assistant (14 years in total with a gap of 7 years while I stayed at home when the kids were little) then an Assistant in Nursing (2 years), a Therapy Assistant (2 years) a Community Health Aid (4 years) and now an Allied Health Assistant (7 years) working with Physiotherapists, in a Rehabilitation Unit.

Not having to think of what to wear to work is a blessing and just one more thing that makes my life a little easier. I wear knee length short in summer and trousers in winter, again neither of those require ironing, the trousers were supplied in my first year and the shorts I have bought over the years from Op Shops for very little outlay. They are good quality, easy care and always look professional.

Lovely Hubby and Son own and operate a Therapeutic Massage Practice, they too have a uniform of sorts, good quality polo shirts and easy care black trousers, neither require ironing, can you see a theme here? I think that life is too short for ironing.

What are you grateful for today?

Have a lovely day

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  1. Aw you look very smart and happy in it. You’ve got a touch of the Judi Dench about you...and this I mean as a HUUUUUGE compliment.

    1. Hi F & D,
      I’ll take that compliment any day of the week, Dame Judi Dench, such a stunning woman. Have a lovely day,

  2. I am grateful for all you lovely bloggers who take time to post your thoughts and photos for us to share. Something upset me at work on Friday and it was so good to return home and catch up on my favourite blogs- a sense of perspective returns and I know I am not the only one who values being at home.


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