What we bought, spent and ate this week

Hello Dear Reader,

And hello weekend, how I love thee! We can also look forward to a short working week next week thanks to Good Friday and as I have the Tuesday off after Easter Monday, so I am looking at a 5 day break from work, so wonderful.

I mentioned quite a few times at the end of last year, when I must have been feeling very jaded, that I was looking at a career change in the new year, well obviously, that didn't happen. I am staying where I am for the foreseeable future as the pro's out way the con's and at my age it is probably the most sensible thing to do. We have a great team who are very friendly and we all get along very well, that in itself is motivation enough to stay. I know my job very well, and I am good at it, enabling me to allow brain space for other stuff in my life that I need to focus on. Such as clearing out my late MIL home next door. You will be pleased to know I have made a start in the laundry of all places, as I thought it would be a little easier than other more personal places in her home.

Even though it is just a laundry, really no bigger than usual, it still has a lot in it, they had cupboards and draws added along one wall and it was full to overflowing. I have now cleared just that one section and now have to tackle the big double storage cupboard that actually contains my late MIL's "sewing room"wish me luck for that space.

I have been doing this little bit of sorting out every Tuesday afternoon, after I come back from taking the dogs for a walk and this week I also got a little bit done on Wednesday afternoon, as it was raining and the little dogs only got a tiny walk in before the heavens opened up again.

Now on with what we bought, spent and ate this week-

What we bought
Shopping from Aldi

Shopping from Coles and Northside Discount Fruit Barn

Extra shopping on Saturday from Coles and Aldi (stuff we forgot)

What we spent
Coles-$10.00 + $24.75 on Saturday
Marjax Meats-$17.65
Northside Discount Fruit Barn-$21.40
Aldi-$52.60 + $14.75 on Saturday
Sunday morning markets-berries and cinnamon-$14.00 (not pictured)

TOTAL-$155.15-just over budget!

What we ate
Friday-just me for dinner, I had left over Roast Pumpkin and Sweet Potato Coconut Curried Soup with a cheese and tomato toastie

Saturday and Sunday((just me again on Sunday)-Sweet Potato Rosti with smoked salmon 

Monday-Freshly caught panfried Wahoo with Warm Potato, Lemon and Parsley Salad plus some steamed broccoli

Tuesday-Mexican Layer Dip with corn chips and a pan of Mexican Potatoes

Wednesday-Stir fried Prawns with steamed basmati rice

Thursday-Spicy Thai Pumpkin Soup, made out of bits and bobs from the fridge and freezer, it was wonderful. I also made some more garlic bread to go with it

Now it's your turn, what have you been cooking this week?

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  1. I wish I lived in your kitchen. Your meals are the scrummiest I have seen on line. I also enjoy seeing the plates and bowls you use. There’s some lovely ones there.

    1. Hi F & D,
      Thank you😊what a compliment, thanks for reading and have a lovely day,

  2. You are really hitting that budget or very close to it week after week now, Fi. Super! I worked quite a bit this week, relief teaching, and so meals were really simple. Last night was toasties and baked beans. Too tired to cook anything else! Meg:)

    1. Hi Meg,
      Love our Friday nights for our beans on toast, simple and delicious. It’s good to have the budget under control, it feels good. Have a lovely day,


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