What we bought, spent and ate this week

Hello Dear Reader,

I had high hopes of a cooler change coming through this week, sadly it is still quite hot and humid with unusual light, rain here and there, which makes it even stickier. I went ahead though and made another soup, a superb Pea and Ham this week, and it was just delicious, albeit not as enjoyable if my toes were cold. It made a truck load so we dined off it for 3 dinners, love it, cook once and dine thrice!

My menu runs from Friday to Thursday of the next week, with Friday being both the grocery shopping day (thank you lovely hubby) and the evening where we choose to have leftovers or an "on toast" night. I look forward to Fridays so much, it's the end of the working week AND I don't need to cook-double happiness!

One of the planned meals didn't happen this week, it was Wednesday and we were to have Honey Prawns with basmati rice and the Pak Choy you see below, lovely hubby had forgotten a planned evening out with his Aquarium meeting, they put on pizzas for their patrons so it was just me for dinner, I happily had another bowl of Pea and Ham soup with some amazing homemade Rosemary and Garlic Focaccia, little work for an amazing bread. So the Pak Choy will be used up this coming week.  If you wrap asian greens tightly or store them in a sealed container, last really well for a couple of weeks, this variety is especially hardy.
What we bought
Shopping from Northside Discount Fruit Barn 

Meat (and the pumpkin from the fruit barn, photo bombing??) from Marjax Meats, and yes hubby did forget the containers, so the meat came home in plastic bags-BOO! The bags were rinsed out and taken to the drop off bins at Coles for recycling with Redcycle at least I really, really hope that is what happens

Shopping from Aldi and Coles

What we spent
Northside Discount Fruit Barn-$43.35
Marjax meats-$19.30


What we ate
Friday-left over Spicy Thai Soup

Saturday-Creamy Chicken and Broccoli Pasta

Sunday-Pea and Ham Soup with toasted Chads Bread with a Twist

Monday-Tempura Whiting with steamed basmati rice and Bok Choy

Tuesday-Chicken Marylands with Sage and Bacon Stuffing, Mexican Potatoes and Nigella's Upmarket Mushy Peas. The chicken is slightly (cough) over done, it does have a honey and smokey paprika glaze, which makes it darker, but the reason it is so dark is that I thought it would be okay to leave them in the oven while I took the dogs for a walk, big whoops! It still tasted wonderful but it was rather dark!

Wednesday and Thursday-Pea and Ham Soup with a wonderful homemade Rosemary and Garlic Focaccia (recipe for both coming soon)

So, a soup that just kept giving and a rather overdone chicken dish that still tasted wonderful, was the highlights of this weeks meals, what was on your family table this week? I would love to know.

Have a lovely day

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  1. Delicious! You seem to be hitting your food budget each week now and eating so well doing it! Meg:)


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