Beautiful Bordeaux Day 4

Bonjour Dear Reader,

Another beautiful day, this time in Pauillac, where we rode bicycles from the ship to another wonderful winery (Chateau Gruand Larose) for a tour about how wine is made and refined. Talk about amazing! I am not a wine buff but found it very interesting, from how the grapes are grown to the kind of wood in the barrels. Did you know that a barrel holds 300 bottles of wine, that some grape vines are up to 300 years old, that a wine maker will always produce two kinds of wine a season, one for drinking now and one for cellaring. We tasted two wines, both reds, I don’t really appreciate red wine, I just don’t have the palate for it, but both of these wines were lovely. I purchased a lovely apron with the Chateau’s name embroidered in gold, the perfect souvenir! 

After leaving this Chateau we started heading back to the ship with one stop, to a picturesque castle, why, just because it is so darn beautiful!

We had a lovely couple guiding our bike tour, one at the front leading and one at the back making sure we didn’t lose anyone. They were excellent, so much knowledge about wine and the surrounding area of Pauillac. We will be going with them on another 2 bike tours over the coming days. After we got back to the ship, we enjoyed another wonderful lunch then headed bake out to Pauillac to find an optometrist to fix my glasses, they had an unfortunate accident on the way over and I have been blind without them. A lovely lady at an optometrist we found, kindly fixed them for me at no charge, so, yeh for friendly efficient French service. 

Holy moly, the food is so incredible, the staff are wonderful, the ship is just amazing, the Bordeaux area is just beautiful so we’ve decided not to go home!

Oh and yesterday afternoon, the lovely Julie Goodwin gave a talk about her Masterchef journey, she was wonderful, just so natural, real and down to earth. It wasn’t an easy road for her, the Masterchef experience, she missed her family so much, you could here the pain in her voice just remembering it.

Au Revoir,


  1. Oh, this is bordering on teasing now, Fi! Wine, castles, food and Julie Goodwin. You must be in heaven! Meg:)

  2. The weather looks amazing! Yes, why not become stowaways?! 😉 Melanie


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