Beautiful Bordeaux Day 7

Bonjour Dear Reader,

Again I will start this post with our dinners last night, as I mentioned yesterday, my sister and I order different meals, so we each taste a bit of everything. Each evening, Mandy, our tour director does a Port Talk, informing us on what is on the next days agenda, during this talk she introduces the chef and somellier who then talks about the menu for that night, we usually end up ordering what the chef recommends.

Following an early breakfast this morning we headed out to the Sauternes region for a tour and wine tasting, the original plan was to cruise through to Cadillac and ride our bikes from the ship to Chateau de Myrat, but as our ship still can’t pass under the stone bridge in Bordeaux, we were bused, bikes and all to a place near Cadillac and we hopped on our bikes there. We enjoyed a brisk and beautiful ride through a little old town, through country lanes to reach the equally beautiful Chateau. It has been owned by the same family for over 250 years, they are a unique winery, only growing the Sauternes variety of grape, carefully picking each bunch of grapes when they have been affected by the noble rot of Botrytis which then transforms the grape juice into a super sweet dessert wine(or something like that). I actually didn’t think I would like the Sauternes wine, but it was delightful.

After arriving back from this winery tour we had a quick lunch and then headed out again to the shopping district of Bordeaux, St Catherine’s St, I wanted to go to the Maille shop and my sister wanted to go a to shop close by to that to buy some tea towels for friends back home. 

Till tomorrow, 


  1. I love reading about your holiday, you take me along with you. Thanks heaps for sharing, its sounds like an experience of a lifetime. Have fun. Guida

  2. I am thoroughly enjoying following your amazing trip. I have not yet been lucky enough to visit that side of the world so I am enjoying it through your eyes! Thanks for taking the time to post.

  3. Fi, looks like you are having an amazing time. I've not been on the computer to comment until now as have been fighting the dreaded first cold of the season. But, I've been following along on your adventures. The food and the sights look amazing. You can't beat France for good food. I'm vicariously reliving a past trip to France where we stayed in Bordeaux - magic.
    Enjoy and travel safe.

  4. Wow - their roses are way ahead of mine - they must have had more sunshine earlier than we have. Looks like a really great holiday. I love Maille products - I made up a small hamper of them for some relatives last Christmas and it was a hit.
    Thanks for the lovely photos.


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