Beautiful Bordeaux Day 9

Bonjour Dear Reader,

Yesterday afternoon, when we got back on the ship, there was a photo op as a group with Julie Goodwin and also we were invited to L’Amour dining room, so we both got tizzied up a bit and then met for the group photo at 4.50 pm then on to a cheese appreciation session with the head chef before our special dinner at L’Amour.

We had another hoot of a night with a music quiz, after dinner and our fantastic tour director, Mandy, went all out and dressed up in some funky clothes, complete with funky glasses.

After another big breakfast, we left the ship at 8.15am for a bus tour to Cognac region.

After walking through the gorgeous little town centre of Cognac, we were taken to a little restaurant on the river, talk about stunning, beautiful surroundings and probably the best creme brûlée I have ever tasted.

We had a tour through the house of Remy Martin, so fascinating, the history is simply incredible, no photos were allowed inside the Cognac house but I took a few of the grounds. We finished in the tasting room, where we could take photos, talk about rich😉

Till tomorrow, 


  1. I feel I am repeating myself, but WOW!
    I love the old buildings and the cobbled streets.
    The food looks amazing, I can see what you mean by that Creme Brûlée...YUM!!!

  2. All the scenery is just perfect. The people all look so friendly. So glad you are having a wonderful time. Guida

  3. Love the cat! Your photos are so lovely - glad you're having good weather.


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