I'll Be Right Back

Hello Dear Reader,

Sorry for my absence, I spent yesterday unpacking, washing and watching the Royal Wedding, in-between, on IView. I am really tired and still have a kind of inertia from the unrelenting hours on the plane. I also made a late night highway dash up to my sister last night as she wasn't answering her phone and no one had heard from her since we dropped her home after dinner on Saturday night. I was imagining all sorts of things, but, thankfully she is okay, just sleeping off the after effects of the long haul flight and a nasty headache.

Thank goodness, I still have a few days off before going back to work and I will spend that time getting on top of the house, garden and organising things for the week ahead. Normal transmission will resume shortly.

Have a lovely day,

Two Years Ago-Here and Now 2


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