Quick Asian Omelette

Hello Dear Reader,

One of my first recipe books I bought was this one-

It was a great book, full of authentic recipes and how-to, step-by-step instructions, it also had a comprehensive pictorial of ingredients and utensils used in Chinese cooking. It helped me a great deal while being introduced to Asian cooking. Lovely Hubbies Gran loved it so much I gave it to her, but alas, it wasn't amongst her recipes books, after she passed away.

There was a quote in the book by the Author, Yan Kit, that went something like "If an unexpected visitor arrives, set an extra pair of chopstick, cook some more rice and make an omelette" I have been making this omelette for years to stretch out a meal to feed either extra people at our table or just because everyone seemed hungrier than usual. I also make it quite often with just one egg for my lunch to have with left over rice and asian greens.

For every egg, add 1 teaspoon each of sesame oil and oyster sauce, whisk well

Add a generous amount of sesame oil to a non stick, heavy based frypan and heat until really hot, add whisked eggs to hot sesame oil. And gently fold in edges (like this method) until eggs are just starting to set, don't overcook it or it will be dry

Transfer to a serving platter and pour over extra oyster sauce and chopped spring onions if you have them

A tasty and simple way to make a meal go further. On this particular night we had a dish we call "Mince and Egg" it is made with only 500 grams of lean beef mince and as our sons lovely partner was with us for dinner, I made this omelette to make that small amount of meat to stretch a bit further.

How do you make your meals go further?

Have a lovely day,

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  1. Lovely and simple! I stretch things by adding grated vegetables like zucchini and carrot, by mixing in breadcrumbs and by adding simple garden salads. Meg:)

    1. Hi Meg,
      Extra veggies are always a great idea too. I hope your day is lovely, Fi

  2. I was raised on very English fare, basically meat and three veg, in later years mum got adventurous with spaghetti and curried chicken (the rebel LOL) but we always had bread and butter on the table. I look back now, and I realise that was a way to fill our tummies if we were still hungry, not that our meals were meagre, but the table was never over abundant either, and I know that mum and dad went through some really hard financial times when I was a kid, so bread was the cheap meal extender back then. I don't serve bread at the table as such, but the kids will often grab a piece of bread and jam after dinner if they are still hungry. If they've eaten their dinner (which they usually have) I don't mind one bit.

    1. Hi Cheryl,
      You’ve just jogged my memory too, when our kids were young, I was a stay at home mum, we lived on one wage and I would often butter some bread to stretch out a meal, you know I’d completely forgotten about that. Have a lovely day Cheryl,

  3. I add extra veggies, a tin of tomatoes etc to stretch things a bit. I love cooking with sesame oil - it adds a great flavour to cooking.

  4. Your Asian inspired dishes always look so delicious Fiona. I often use an omelette to stretch the protein in meals a little and also, like others have mentioned, extra veg and bread on the side. And then there is always mixing up a quick dessert if there are particularly hungry or many mouths to feed - I love having preserved fruit on hand for this and simply adding some muesli on top and baking for a quick 'rustic' crumble.


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