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This Weeks Five Frugal Things on a Friday

Friday, 25 May 2018
Hello Dear Reader,

And just like that it's Friday. I had Monday and Tuesday off as RDO's, as I didn't get home from Bordeaux until late Saturday afternoon and I knew I would need, at least, a few days at home to recover from the long haul flight home. I must say the flights were tough, I really don't like flying and can't relax enough to sleep for any length of time. Because of this I was totally and utterly exhausted and really needed those few extra days to start to feel normal again. My sleep pattern is still a bit out of whack, waking up at 2am and not being able to go back to sleep until just before the 4.40am alarm. I am going to bed extra early to try and realign my much cherished sleeping pattern. Hopefully by the end of the weekend I will be back on track.

I stayed at home all day Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, catching up on washing, watching the Royal Wedding (which I thought was just beautiful) and just reassembling our home to the way I like it. The boys did a really great job at keeping on top of everything, but there were a few things that had been missed. I feel better if the house is generally tidy and clean, it just feels more like normal to me and I can relax.

My frugal things this week were-

1. Picked some magnificent lemons from my potted lemon tree and then made two Tart Citrons. I love converting abundance into something delicious.

2. Froze two egg whites left over from the above recipe for future use. These will be perfect to put toward a Pavlova.

3. Lovely hubby cooked two meals of this cod that our sons' lovely and very talented partner caught while fishing with the boys on Sunday. What a catch! It almost looks fake, as it was so big! There is so many feeds of fish from this one huge specimen, our freezer is full and so is her families. What a girl!

Pan Fried Cod

Stir Fried Cod

4. Froze down some leftover pizza sauce that the kids had bought, I hate to see anything go to waste, this bottle of pizza sauce had been open for a little while so I decided to freeze it down to prevent waste. 

5. When I stopped by Coles on the way home yesterday, to buy a dozen eggs, to make an asian omelette, to stretch last nights dinner a bit further, I had a quick browse of the fresh produce section, to see if anything was marked down, ah... yes, indeed there was. I was in the habit for a long time of calling in to Coles on the way home, every Tuesday afternoon to see if there were any marked down specials to be had, but that kind of fell by the wayside. I may have just fluked it, but there were some fantastic savings yesterday. I will only buy what I can use before the fresh produce goes over, no matter how good a special it is.

I spent a total of $6.80 and all of this produce will go towards next weeks menu, saving us heaps on this weeks grocery bill. I have based quite a few meals, for the coming week, on this haul.

Do you go looking for marked down specials? What is the best day for marked down specials where you live?

Till Tomorrow


  1. What a great find on the marked down specials. There was a show on TV while you were away on Chanel 9 called Eat Well For Less, I think you would enjoy watching it, if not only to shake your head at the wastefulness and excess of some people (they always pick extremes for shows like this) but I did pick up a couple of tips from it, which I'm trialling with our weekly grocery shop at the moment. You might be able to watch it on catch up if it interests you, it's only 2 shows. Have a lovely weekend :)

  2. I ate leftovers from the freezer for work lunches
    Resisted the urge to buy a new top which I don't need
    My daughter wanted to spend an evening with us and didn't mind whether we went out to eat or stayed home so I cooked a new recipe at home which we all enjoyed
    Really wanted to go to the garden centre and splurge but didn't because I have some expensive work coming up on my car
    I'm making an effort to read some of the books I have at home for entertainment - I don't need anymore books for ages!
    Reviewing this list I think resisting the urge to buy things is my best frugal accomplishment this week.
    Hope you have a lovely weekend.

  3. I picked up some marked down apples this week. Nothing wrong with them and stew them up with a sprinkle of cinnamon and freeze portions. I eat this with plain greek yoghurt as a snack and it's delicious! Meg:)