Keeping It Real or is that Reel?

Hello Dear Reader,

Take a look at this little video, welcome to my world-

Do you live with boys? How do you cope when their lives spill out into every area of the house?

Have a lovely day

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  1. I know where you're coming from, but honestly it isn't too bad. If I stopped by your house as a friend, and knew the guys were gone on a fishing trip, I wouldn't think a thing about it.

    Take advantage of their trip and do a few things for yourself....and minimal cooking and cleaning!

  2. Just think of the great fish they will bring home. Your house looks amazing and the boys are very organized, its all the training you have given them. Take care. Guida

  3. I would suggest a bigger shed but it would only get filled! On Saturday, I suggested to hubby that I was going to Rainbow Beach for a drive(read coffee), next he asked if he could come too. He is then out the door, off to the shed and packing surf rods and new (used) reels to the car. It was a lovely couple of hours reading on the beach(no fish)in beautiful sunshine but no coffee! cheers erin

  4. I live with two boys - one human and one canine. I'm not sure which is the worst but I blame myself really for not training them better in the early days!


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