Sunny Side Up Sunday

Hello Dear Reader,

Today I am grateful for local, small businesses, ready to go the extra mile, with friendly efficient service. We have used two recently and can't recommend them enough. The first one is "All Tree and Palm Removal" who have done a quick and splendid job of removing our rogue Golden Canes and then came back yesterday to grind the stumps out. The other business is "Tuff Ozy Concrete Sleepers" who are really easy to deal with and the prices are very competitive as well.

The top concrete sleeper is the one we have ordered, it is called "Stack a Stone" in the colour " York Stone"

These are the "H" and "C" posts needed to hold the concrete sleepers, we took them home with us yesterday. 

All Tree and Palm grinding the Palm stumps

What are you grateful for today?

Have a lovely day,


  1. I love the look of the concrete sleeper you've chosen, Fi. More and more I think these might be a good solution for our front garden area when the time comes to replace all the hardwood sleepers that we used many years ago for our boardwalk and retaining wall. Meg:)

  2. I had a horrible night last night with a cough and low grade fever, I was so cold in bed at around midnight that I got up and put the gas heater on, and virtually sat on it to warm my bones! So today I am grateful for instant heat...on tap...whenever we need it.

  3. I am grateful for our green and pleasant land- we moan about the rain sometimes in England but we have a wonderful climate really - our gardens are a picture of roses at the moment and the country side is so green and fresh.


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