This Weeks 5 Frugal Things on a Friday

Hello Dear Reader,

It has turned quite cold (for Queensland at least) this past week and the sun is going to bed a lot earlier, which one would expect on the first official day of Winter for the southern hemisphere. Winter is not my favourite season, the days are so short and once home I just want to get dinner on early and go to bed. Having an early dinner in winter is lovely and this past week has seen us have dinner over with most nights by 6.45, I do love that part of it.

As soon as I am home I unpack my lunch containers, give them a wash and repack my lunch for the next day, I then get on with any jobs on the list I write up of a morning before leaving for work and then I start on dinner. Lovely Hubby and I share some of the housework, he vacuums and mops on a Wednesday, does the grocery shopping on a Friday and cooks a few times a week as well as walking the dogs on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I now walk the dogs on Tuesday and Thursday (those are the days he works) so the other days I do more housework with the extra time in the afternoon. We both walk the dogs on the weekend. It is quite a regimented routine, but it is one that works for us.

Now on with the frugal things-

1. Bought a marked down 2 kg bag of carrots for $1.75, what a bargain. I have made a lovely soup with some on them and I can see a carrot cake being made in the near future.

2. A lovely lunch was provided for us when I attended the Allied Health Assistant Forum at The Prince Charles Hospital on Wednesday. I bought along my peppermint tea in this handy little plunger/mug to prevent using those single use polystyrene cups which I loathe.

3. Line Dried the washing

4. Made a double quantity of that carrot soup while I was at it. Cook once, eat twice or more!

5. Used up marked down produce that I bought last week. The potatoes went in the Beef Bourguignon and a Potato, Avocado and Watercress Salad, the Mushrooms also went in the Bourguignon, some of the parsley went in a batch of bacon and egg cups I made for breakfast and lunch on Sunday I then chopped and froze the rest and the balance of the Watercress went in a Fish Stir Fry on Thursday, it was still perfect. The sweet potatoes will be used up this coming week.

Join in, what were your frugal wins this week?

Have a fab Friday

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  1. I loved hearing about your routines, and how you manage your week. You seem to achieve so much, where as I procrastinate a bit, or am just plain lazy, I admire your routine and work ethic, and I'm a very willing pupil!

    By the way I made your Cheesy Pasta Bake this week, what a hit that was! Loved by everyone in the family!! Hubby declared "that one can go on your regular vegetarian list" thanks for sharing it.

    Have a lovely weekend.

    1. Hi Cheryl,
      I am very sure you are not lazy😊our brains are all wired differently and we tend to go about things in our own way. If you look back over your day you will find out just how much you have achieved, celebrate the wins. I am so glad your family loved the Cheesy Baked Pasta, it is perfect for the cooler weather. Have a fab Friday,

  2. Good morning Fiona
    May I ask where did you get that wonderful Plunger mug. I love it and could certainly put one to good use in my day
    Warm Regards

    1. Goodmorning Rhonda,
      I bought the plunger/mug from a local coffee roaster, the brand is Bodum. Hope you find one they are excellent. Have a fab Friday, Fi

  3. My frugal list revolves around food this week too, Fi. I was gifted some lovely homegrown fruit this week. Large lemons, fresh apples and a half dozen oranges. They are waiting for me to make them in to delicious things over the weekend. I also made a simple pumpkin soup this week and there's leftovers waiting in freezer for next week. Bought a whole chicken on special and roasted that up with veg, then have had leftovers on sandwiches for lunch for a few days running. I used silverbeet and spinach from garden to make some filo parcels and also been added shredded silverbeet to breakfast omelettes. "Grandma" made a batch of biscuits too and we've had those to eat during the week. Blessed! Meg:)


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