This Weeks 5 Frugal Things on a Friday

Hello Dear Reader,

Another week down and only one week to go until I am on long service leave, but who's counting? We've had a bit of a different week here at Chez Stay Home Instead, the boys are away on their fishing trip up north and our Daughter and her Partner are down here doing some guest spotting at another studio to reintroduce themselves down here in Brisbane. That meant two family members out and two in. It has been no bother though, the kids are easy to have around, in fact I have barely seen them, with all of us working full time.

I have kept the home fire burning for them, having dinner ready when they get home and keeping up with the laundry, you know all those things that they would normally have to face when they get home. They work very long days so I don't mind smoothing their way a bit.

Now on with the frugal things-

1. Froze down some bread ends to start some breadcrumbs off again. I had used up my stash of fresh breadcrumbs in the freezer a few weeks ago, for fish burgers, while having a good old clear out and clean up of the freezer. I have stored the bread ends in this fabulous little soft flexible sealable pouch. It's called the stasherbag and I received it from "The Mighty Fix" when I used to have a subscription with them a while ago.

2. Chopped and froze down some fresh dill I had bought to make this wonderful Salmon, Corn and Potato Chowder, it did us two nights with 2 bowls left over for lunches.

3. Portioned out and froze down some more tomato paste to prevent waste. I had actually forgotten that I had already portioned some out a few weeks previous, well they were still there in the ice cube tray, albeit a bit dry looking, ready to store away in a sealed container in the freezer. 

4. Made some baked goods out of 2 x 3 frozen mashed bananas I found in the freezer while clearing it out. I made Banana, Walnut and Sultana Bread and a Banana, Chocolate and Date Loaf.

5. Fed, turned and watered the compost bin with all the fruit and veggie scraps as well as all the waste paper products from the home. I also add the shredded paper from the office. My compost seems to be doing well, it smells like a rainforest, I will empty this compost into the new gardens when we set them up.

Your turn, what frugal things happened in your home this week?

Have a lovely day,

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  1. You know you've got your compost cooking well when it smells like a rainforest, Fi. Your new garden beds should thrive with all that goodness dug in. Great that you can also incorporate shredded office paper in there too. It was a pretty frugal week here though today the car is going in for a service so we'll see what the bill is when it's done. We ate lots of warming soup this week, made with just one piece of chuck steak and lots of veg + last night I made a big vegetable curry with lots of things from the crisper. Leftovers of soup and curry in the freezer now to use next week. Have lovely weekend over there on the peninsula! Meg:)

  2. Frugal things this week-
    I record some of my shopping for a consumer research company in return for points and redeemed some points for £30 of Next gift cards - I gave them to my daughter so she could buy some new clothing.
    Took leftovers to work for lunch all week
    Used rhubarb from the garden for puddings when we had visitors
    Saved a gift bag and tissue paper to re-use
    We are not on a water meter but I treat it as a precious resource and have used warm up water to water the garden
    Found two brand new items in the charity shop which I have put away for Christmas presents
    I always dry washing on the line ( I have an inside line too for bad weather) and during this weeks glorious weather I have washed and dried our winter dressing gowns
    Its been a good week - hope you have a super weekend.


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