What we bought, spent and ate this week

Hello Dear Reader,

I had a bit of a shuffle with the menu this week, mainly due to left over fish from Wednesday's dinner. It was a big packet of Cod, too much for the stir fry, so I suggested we make fish burgers for Thursday's dinner. Lovely Hubby sliced the remaining chunk of fish into 7 slices ready for the following evening.

That meant popping into Coles on the way home on Thursday to buy some bread rolls, lettuce and tartare sauce. I have made tartare sauce in the past, but I knew I didn't have all the ingredients at home so I bought a jar instead. While there, I also picked up a couple of packets of the little dogs treats which were on special.

What we bought

Shopping from Northside Discount Fruit Barn

Shopping from Aldi

Shopping from Coles

What we spent

Northside Discount Fruit Barn-$25.89
Coles-$12.15 + $1.75 (carrots) + $17.49 for Thursdays shop


What we ate

Saturday-Pan Fried Pearl Perch with Potato, Avocado and Watercress Salad

Sunday and Tuesday-Slow Cooker Beef Bourguignon

Monday-Prawn Stir Fry

Wednesday-Fish Stir Fry

Thursday-Fish Burgers

Friday-Beans on Toast

We are heading away camping for the weekend to Lake Borumba, just for a few days to break in the new camper trailer. It's not too far to drive and when we rang to book the gentleman said it wasn't busy at all, so no need to book. Our son went up there, for a fishing trip, last weekend and thought it was just beautiful with a really good amenities block and hot showers. 

We will just take our time setting up the camper, I am a very visual and tactile person and learn by doing. We did have a lesson on how to set it up and take it down when we picked it up in early May but it will take us some time to be really proficient with it.The weather will be very cold, so lots of winter woolies will be packed. I popped a meal in the slow cooker to last us the two nights, so there will be no cooking as such, just reheating and I will make some tuna rolls before we leave for our lunch on the road. See, I'm always thinking about the food!

How did your grocery budget fare this week?

Have a lovely weekend


  1. I love your trailer, you are going to have some great experiences in that, it looks to be a very durable off-road model. We've had a Camper Trailer for well over a decade, and gosh it's seen some miles. Darwin and back, Uluru and back, South Coast of NSW and back, not to mention oodles of weekend/school holiday camping trips. I believe it has paid for itself over the time we've had it, as we almost always camp for free or minimal cost, and even if we have paid, it's far cheaper than other accommodation for our family of 5.

    The only drawback for me is the cold weather. I simply won't camp in Winter. Easter is my cut off date, and we resume in the September school Hols, anything in-between these dates is not fun in my books! I really feel the cold. Brrrr!!!!

    Enjoy your trip away :)

  2. You'll have some great adventures exploring out and about with your new camper trailer, Fi. Great for keeping those accomodation costs down! I only two small shops this week. Currently, using up meat in the freezer so keeping total cost down doing that. Meg:)

  3. No fruit ? What do you eat for breakfast and lunch as looking for ideas ?


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